Why the 1 penny difference? The more expensive one is even smaller.

An interesting car. Lots of cars have stuff glued and painted on them; this one at least took some actual planning and real work.

A nutcase ranting on the library's suggestion board. No 24-hour Wal-Marts, no Wal-Marts within 30-minutes (not in Berkeley, San Francisco, or Oakland), and no Wal-Marts open past 11pm. Hello, inefficiency, the problem with living in a Communist society. Berkeley was just ranked the #3 most liberal city in the US and the San Francisco Bay Area the most liberal area according to an article I just read in the newspaper.

Berkeley Bowl, a cheap grocery market. This is about 10 minutes before it's open. I quite honestly don't know who all these cars belong to. Even if every employee had his/her own car and every person waiting outside did, too, there should have been less than half as many cars here. You should see people try to find a parking place later on; it's pretty much impossible.

The line outside Berkeley Bowl about 5 minutes before it's open. There seems to be a lot of tension over parking at this place. Walgreens across the street will fine you if park in their lot and walk over to Berkeley Bowl without shopping at Walgreens first, and the newspapers often have complaints about parking here. I think Berkeley Bowl is the cheapest place to shop (with Safeway andAndronico's being other close grocery stores), but they have a lot of hippy, green, weirdo products and not as many of the 8,000 pack of paper towels, so it's kinda hard to compare brand for brand prices.

I was waiting on the sidwalk in San Francisco and couldn't figure out why some women would walk right next to me rather than closer to the curb. Finally I figured out they couldn't walk over the grating with heels. Heh, dressed-up women reduced to acting like cattle.

They have these dumb street barriers all over in the residential neighborhoods. I guess it's to keep cars from driving through them all the time, but it sure makes trying to get anywhere annoying. I HATE these things when I try to go to rummage sales; they probably make me drive an extra couple of miles just going around blocks. They also make it much more of a pain to get to our house from any major road. There are speed bumps, too, but near our house they're only on Derby, so I've decided to simply totally avoid that road.

My favorite modded vehicle I've seen. That's the head of a mannequin in the mouth.

Our living room. We found the green couch down the block sitting outside someone's house for free, so the couch we had where it is went to the...

...outdoor whatever-you-call-it (terrace or something?) Pretty nice place to sit outside and read a book out of the sun.

You can go on this little deck on the roof, too, if you want more sunlight, although it's not quite as nice.