My rummage sale map.

Goofy pricing 1. Almost double the size for about 70 cents less.

Goofy pricing 2.The $10 rings basically looked the same as the $1.20 ones.

This woman carries her cat on her backpack. It seemed pretty comfortable up there.

Mountains down near San Jose.

Morning fog. Although usually it's not very foggy. It hasn't rained at all since I got here, which feels kind of weird.

Ooh, a surprise for me when I opened my newly-purchased OJ.

And I bought it on August 23rd. Guess I'll actually have to start paying attention to those dates. I can see finishing off a gallon a couple of days after the date, but actually selling a whole gallon days afterwards?

Just thought this was a cool vase. You put warm water in it, shape it, put cool water in it, and it holds it's shape.

A great stop by the guy in front of me. Pedestrians had to walk behind his car to go through the crosswalk.

Oh, yes, wonderful. Now I'm not confused at all.

Houses up on a pretty hill.

There are lots of rolling hills east of Berkeley, such as on the way to Walnut Creek.

These signs are all over the place. And I never see any nasty green ooze sitting around in drums. I think it's usually just for bug spray on flowers and other little things like that. People are such weenies here. They don't have wireless internet at the public libraries partly because there's a group of nutcases who don't want any more invisible waves travelling through the air.

Flaming shot. Remember to put the fire out before drinking.