The joy of living with roommates. I mean, honestly, a pizza box in the bathroom trash can? Why not the waste basket in your room or the living room or the kitchen???

15-pack of paper towel rolls: 30 feet away. 5 extra paper towel rolls: 10 feet away. Hmm, must be too much effort to get a new one. Anybody else hate people who leave 1 sheet so they can claim it wasn't totally gone and therefore they don't have to replace it?

New garbage bags: 5 feet away. Although I guess the dumpster is all the way outside.

Dishwasher: 1 foot away. Sigh.

The lower bathroom... not exactly in pristine condition. Since I don't ever use this bathroom, though, someone else can fix the shower; I already replaced the faucet in here.

Or maybe I'll just not enter this bathroom ever again.

OK, I understand people sometimes spill stuff, and I understand not wanting to mop the kitchen floor every weekend. But leaving milk (or whatever the heck it is) on the floor for hours rather than taking 10 seconds to grab a paper towel and wipe it up?

A sign on a post downtown. Honestly, does anybody actually believe this stuff? I have a sneaking suspicion the Masters of Wisdom are going to require some cash donations.

The Solano Stroll is a big (15 blocks maybe?) festival where they block off most of Solano Avenue and have venders and things.

Older Indian dancers.

Younger Indian dancers (well, Indian-style dancing; not all the dancers are Indian).

The parade started something like an hour late, and then it was a couple of groups, nothing for 10 minutes, a few multi-cultural dancers shown here, and then nothing. Umm, I don't really call that a parade. If you want a liberal parade, fine; just don't let liberals try to put it into action. They can pick who's in it, but then have the American Legion or some other conservative group do the actual implementation. If I want something done efficiently and on time, I'm getting the army, not some pot-legalization association. The parade I saw at the Laramie Jubilee Days was done right. And how did I know it would go well? The first marchers had guns and flags.

More dancers.

And a few more.

California license plates all have the same format: #LLL###. I think the Berkeley area plates always start with a 5. But, remembering that the number "5" looks amazingly like the letter "S," don't you think the DMV would be a little more selective for the 3 letters?

Maybe this car has anti-water-and-soap paint.

This is a sign for a missing cat, but wouldn't you find a real picture of the cat to put on the poster or some cute clip-art of a cat rather than trying to draw it in MS Word or whatever they did here? I shudder every time I walk by this thing.