The last of the Embarcadero Center buildings in San Francisco. The Embarcadero Center is 4 buildings connected by walkways in the eastern edge of the financial district.

Here's the area in front of it in the evening. There are lots of shops in it, but they're mostly upscale. It has a fair number pretty cheap places to eat on this side (more expensive restaurants are in the other buildings), so this is a common place for people to grab lunch. Most people just sit on the steps.

Horrible picture, but I took this during lunch. Birds tend to come here to grab food left by people, and a pigeon had found a french fry that was way too big for it to eat. This seagull started chasing the pigeon, and the pigeon ran all the way around the area while trying to swallow the huge fry. The seagull finally caught him on the raised area in the middle of the square and stole his fry. The birds have almost no fear at all; one grabbed some cheese off of my pizza sitting 2 inches away from me when I wasn't looking.

Another little place to eat. I like this place because it has a wide variety of food types.

Honestly, is it so hard to put the carts in the cart pen thingy?

How Berkeley Can You Be. Another festival in Berkeley.

A bunch of different bands played.

And on one street they had all the decorated cars lined up.

Another one.

Drs. Hall and Chu optometry, where I work. There are 5 eye doctors, 4 technicians, and 3 front-desk workers.

View from the front desk, angled left.

And angled right.

I like to sit in this park a couple of blocks east of our house and read on the weekends. Usually it's completely packed, but this past Saturday it was empty when I went there. I walked up and the cops said the park was closed. I sat nearby to read and heard a mini-explosion after a while. I think the cops found a potential bomb and blew it up.

A neatly-painted house.

These guys are obviously pretty desperate to get rid of their stuff. I can see plastering posts with your signs, but putting them on people's doorsteps?

A purse with a built-in clock.