The Castro Street Fair is supposed to help out merchants in the Castro Street area, but it's also one of the biggest gay festivals in San Francisco.

If you don't believe this page is rated R, you will by the time you hit the end. Last warning.

Lots of people. One of the nice things about the Bay Area is that there's usually 3-4 festivals each weekend.

Everybody wanted a picture with this guy.

One of the side streets packed with venders.

Now it's starting to get interesting.

Um, yeah.

Lots of guys in leather.

And lots of guys with their shirts off. This performer had feathers taped to his fingers and was playing this instrument. He was actually pretty good.

There were lots of stages set up with performers. This one was the first all-female stage at the Castro Street Fair in something like 30 years. It had go-go dancers from some club shaking it and loud music playing the whole time. The guy is "tipping" one of the dancers in the picture. The others are trying to get free T-shirts.

And some more dancers on the same stage.

Another dance area with loud music. While the go-go dancer stage had more dance-type music, this one had more trance.

Same area but later in the day, when it got really packed. There was even a country-western stage on the other side with people line-dancing.

Devil's Horns for sale. If you were a weenie you could get them on a headband; otherwise, you just glued them right onto your forehead.

The main stage, with lots of people singing in drag.

This was the MC for the event. (S)he came on between acts and asked people to donate to various causes.

Another singer/dancer on the main stage. A guy was standing next to me while I was watching this and we started chatting about how the fair was this year. Then I noticed his name tag and he said he was the president of the whole event. I'm glad I said it was a great day and lots of fun.

Even in San Francisco, it's not every day that women just take off their tops and swirl them around. I think the cops kept this type of thing down, though.

I thought one of the great things about being male was that you never had to wear heels. Oh well.

All I'm gonna say is you're lucky his boa is draped as it is. I unfortunately got the whole view.

I don't think the Adidas bag really fits into his image.


The shiny guy stood in the same place all day (one of the techno areas) and danced.

If you gave a $3 donation at one of the street entrances, they put a sticker on you. I guess if you drank 4 beers it paid off.