That doesn't instill a lot of confidence in being a pedestrian.

Don't shop at Safeway Monday night. All the cheap milk is gone...

... and the lines are super long.

This lady was sleeping on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit; the subway system here). The seat is at the end of the car. The car was pretty full, and people were standing near the doors, but everytime new people got on, they always walked back here because the seat looked empty. You'd think the fact that lots of other people are standing would indicate that you couldn't sit there, but at every stop, people would wander back to look, just in case.

Just a couple of neat-looking buildings in San Francisco.

Tilden Park is a big park east of Berkeley. Lots of people walk and bike here.

A view from Tilden Park towards the bay. Berkeley is in front, Oakland is on the left, and San Francisco is at the top. The Bay Bridge is in the middle, and the Golden Gate Bridge would be on the right, although you really can't see it.

Embarcadero Center is a 4-building shopping center right across from work. The buildings are connected by walkways above the street and are a nice place to eat lunch on a warm, sunny day. The Bay Bridge is in the background.

Another open area in Embarcadero Center.

A map with a built-in compass.

People leave stuff they don't want out on the street, and others can come by and pick it up.

If only grafitti pricing were legally binding. This is about as low as gas gets around here right now, although you can always check out San Francisco Gas Prices or Oakland Gas Prices to try to find the cheapest. Talking about gas prices, PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) bills are expected to jump about 70% here this winter because of the hurricanes.