Sometimes when BART trains gets behind, two trains headed the same place are in the station at the same time. The operator of our train said, "Well, that one is headed for San Francisco, too. I don't know which is leaving first, but you can try getting on it instead if you're feeling lucky."

Where I work, with some people.

Foldable bike.

Nobody likes sitting in the middle. Maybe because your back is exposed and someone can sneak up behind you to attack?

Um, yeah.

I think any construction work that's going to be perfomed must have this. I guess it's so your neighbors can complain about noise or how whatever you're building is going to lower their property value or something. I can see needing this if someone is going to build a big addition, but just to repair an existing garage?

That's a huge line to get into an estate sale. There was no way I was going to wait in line for a garage sale, so I just left. Besides, I never find anything good at estate sales, anyway; they usually just have old junk, and anything decent is always expensive. Plus, it's creepy digging through the stuff of someone who just died.

A neat faucet at a hardware store.

There are all kinds of "interesting" people in Berkeley. Bike helmut over a baseball cap and blue latex gloves.

The Halloween party in the Castro district of San Francisco. There were a few amazing costumes, but the place was so crowded you couldn't get anywhere.

Yes, tell the new clerk that you will only buy the rack thingy if he throws in the $2 CD for free, making him call the manager to ask her, while the line builds up behind you. I almost threw $2 down to buy the CD for her just so I could get going.

Honestly, the crosswalk is like 15 feet over. Yet he feels the need to cross in the middle of the street.