If the doors between BART trains are open, it's really loud. Nobody could figure out how to get this one closed until a guy got on and and showed us all that you just have to slide this blocker thingy out of the way.

Ice skating rink set up by the Embarcadero center.

I walk over this grate on the way to work every day. There's some kind of bush or something growing in it.

I saw a tourist couple with a map looking lost. They asked me how to get to Powell street because it has a trolley, so I gave them directions. About 30 minutes later, I saw them pass by on this trolley. I guess they got there.

Keys hanging on a post. I hope whoever left them remembered them.

I went to a gun show in San Francisco. $3 to get across the bridge, $7 to park, and then $10 to get in. It was decent, but not worth $20.

McDonald's rollout schedule for something. It just seemed like a weird pattern; not a whole lot of structure to the thing. Maybe they were going for places that are more sparsely populated so if people get sick, they can cancel it easier.

At Wal-Mart, these two women were just getting ready to go in and this guy was just getting done. The women saw a couple of things in the guy's sack that they wanted, so he told them where to get them in the store. They'd obviously never met each other before, but they sat and chatted for about 10 minutes like old friends, simply because they wanted the same things from Wal-Mart.

Cesar Chavez park by the Berkeley marina.

A fair number of people come here when the weather is nice. Some fly kites, some just sit around and read. Also, there's a big area where you can unleash your dogs and let them run around.

Some people exchanging info after a crash. Didn't look like much damage, but apparently a lady pulled out and turned in front of another guy, who slammed on his brakes and got rear-ended by someone else.

The lady in the black coat was asking directions to somewhere. The woman in the red shirt told her which BART stop to get off at, but didn't know where to go from there...

... but this woman in the red shirt overheard their conversation and knew how to get from that BART stop to wherever the lady was going.

A group of 6 guys in San Francisco. I just thought it was weird that all of them were in plain white shirts except for the one in a bright blue one.

I'm waiting in line at a post office in San Francisco, and I bump into Elliot Harmon. Talk about a small world.