2008 Dec 22 | skiing (Breck, Keystone, Vail)

These people were trying to send an extremely heavy box to India, and it ended up costing them around $300. FedEx or UPS is generally a lot cheaper than the post office for big boxes, but maybe that's only domestic.

This guy didn't speak English, so he told the person on the phone what he wanted, gave the phone to the clerk, and the person on the phone told the clerk what he wanted. It works, but if he actually lives here, it might be easier to just memorize the English words for what he likes to eat.

Honestly, who would ever buy a used trophy with someone else's name on it?

That's a weird window cut-out.

The hurricane dropped the ceiling down about an inch along one side, but since it hasn't actually caved in, I told the office I didn't care if they don't fix it. Insulation or something kept falling out of it, though, and that got a little annoying, so I found some white duct tape to at least stop that.

It's always good to have layers when you go skiing or do anything else in cold weather, but I also keep these three pieces of headgear to exchange out depending on how warm I get.

Even though it says, "Tray is bolted down," you'd be amazed at how many people tried to pick this up to put their stuff in at the airport security line.

These chairs are indoors, and they still somehow have what appears to be bird poo on them. How does that happen, and why has nobody cleaned them since whenever they got that way?

I like window seats so I can lay my head against the side of the plane and rest, but that's kind of hard to do when the little kid behind you keeps banging on the window.

Dude, honestly, you don't need that much ketchup.

The Denver airport has this mural with a pretty scary picture on the right side. A mask-wearing Nazi-type guy with a machine gun in one hand and a sword swinging towards a dove and some crouching people in the other? Come on, kids walk by this thing.

The living room of our condo in Breckenridge.

Hot tubs at our condo.

Eating at Eric's, a really good pizza place.

Some of the Breckenridge slopes.

Getting our equipment was pretty easy, except for digging through this jumbled mass of ski poles to find two that matched.

A bunch of us at the bottom of the mountain.

The Dew Tour was going on this weekend and there were some really big names competing. I watched a little, but didn't stay too long. I'd rather watch it at home on TV where it's warmer.

My kind of place.

It often was hard to see at the top of the mountain with the snow blowing around, and the only way down is via black runs.

A club that was less than a block away.

Which was nice for going to the club, but was a bit of a pain when the random girl came knocking on our door looking for her friend's room at two in the morning. And then, from what I could hear, knocking on pretty much every single other door in our building doing the same.

Saturday was a bit cold, though.

I went to Keystone, but not only was it freezing, I also couldn't see very far in front of me at all.

Essential equipment: socks to use as heel lifts and warmers to stick into my boots to keep my toes from freezing.

Truckers were required to use chains in some areas, so you'd see long lines of them pulled off to the side putting the chains on. You'd think the chains would really tear the roads up.

My least favorite thing about Vail: you had to walk through their little "village" of shops to get to the mountain. Which wouldn't be so bad if you weren't hauling skis and poles and wearing those impossible-to-walk-in ski boots.

A big bowl at Vail.

The bathrooms had scented candles, which I thought was a nice touch.

Vail also had some areas with super-deep powder.

Which was fun, except when one of my skis went down into the snow instead of over the top of it, and I had to go back and dig it out of three feet of snow.

My favorite run at Vail: down through the trees and then into a giant bowl. I love the really wide runs which you can ski pretty much anyway you want.

The oldest continuously-operating bar west of the Mississippi.

Napper Tandy's Irish Pub, which is above the Salt Creek Steakhouse (a really great restaurant, by the way).

They were having a winter-clothing fashion show there this night.

Uh, that one doesn't look too wintery, though.

Me on top of Breckenridge.

Time to go through the trees.