2009 Jan 04 | New Year's, clubs

I don't think I've mentioned how much I can hate traffic in Houston in the last 30 seconds, so here we go. Tip: if you can't even get into the area between the lanes when you're trying to go across an intersection, don't pull out and block two entire lanes of traffic.

Making my New Year's costume. I love that fabric glue; it's much faster and easier than sewing, although I'm always worried it won't hold well enough.

I was originally intending to make a little pocket to hold my camera and wallet, but I ended up making this little pouch/purse thing. It seemed more authentic, not to mention easier.

I love costume parties, and about the only one I could find for New Year's in Houston was a BLT (black tie, lingerie, toga) one at Lucky's Pub. The worst part of my costume were the leggings. I bought floral tape because it's kind of sticky, but I still ended up gluing it to my legs a bit to make it stay up.

They had an outdoor area, and the weather was actually pretty nice.

The live band was great. It's hard to beat 80s rock for this age group.

And we start off with some lingerie.

And some more women in lingerie dancing on a pole. Actually, almost all of the women wore lingerie rather than black tie or togas. Kind of like how 95% of women's Halloween costumes are "sexy insert-word-here."

I'm not sure if the one with her leg up qualifies as lingerie, but it's still cool.

One of the more revealing costumes of the night.

It was pretty packed in the main area with the band.

Again, I don't think it's really lingerie, but I'm not going to complain.

One of the areas with private tables.

Ah, some fellow toga-ers. Kind of.

Wait, which bathroom is this?

Well, this one has urinals, so it's definitely the men's.

And, considering how crowded the men's bathroom is, I can't imagine what the women's looks like. Which is why a fair number of women invaded the men's. And, if I were a woman, I would have, too. After all, sexism is supposed to be bad, right?

Ooh, shiney.

A lot of couples did the "man in black tie, woman in lingerie" bit.

Aw, come on. Because of this one car, I have to walk on the driveway rather than on the sidewalk. You would think they would notice everyone else is considerate enough to not pull in all the way.

What if they train your dog to behave badly more consistently?

This was a really neat little area at Club Classic, where a group of us went on Friday night. I especially liked the panes of broken glass behind us.

And the patio had a great view of the ocean.

Unfortunately, the crowd that night was a little old because the live band was playing blues, so a couple of us headed to Eden instead of hanging around. Gotta love pool and air hockey.

It wasn't very busy, but the music was still good. Oh, and it's a gay club; I think I only saw one other couple that was straight, which even for gay clubs is a pretty low percentage. Then again, it's fun to watch the gay guys dance. The guy in the center in the yellowish T-shirt was especially good.

Saturday night we went to Drink Houston. There was a football game on, but they kept interrupting it to show music videos in the other rooms, so I came in here, where they seemed to not do that. However, then they suspended the game to show the karaoke lyrics when someone sang, so I ended up hopping between rooms to watch the game.

Ah, those holes at the park were for gazebo poles.

Why would someone ever put a nail stuck sharp-end up through the carpet? Or, for that matter, how would you even do that? Oh well, a little twisting and breaking with a pliers takes care of it.