2009 Jan 25 | Bill Burr, MMA Affliction

My class in their white coats.

I ordered a pizza online from Domino's, but after about 10 minutes, it said I had already picked it up. "Oh, no, someone stole my pizza!" But nope, it was just some error and the pizza was ready when I got there.

The supports for the overpass at this intersection are different colors.

The notice that you have a package at the post office says the hours are Mon-Fri 6am-5pm and Sat 6am-12pm, so I arrived there to pick up my package at 8:15am on Friday.

But, either they've changed their hours for the window and haven't updated the notices, or the hours on the notices are for the overall building (so you can get your mail out of your box) and not just the window. But that doesn't really make sense; obviously if it's a notice to pick up a package, the only hours that matter are when the window are open.

Ooh, moron in a pickup. Now all the people trying to get off the highway can't, and you just created a bigger mess. If it weren't for people like this, traffic might actually be able to move a little more smoothly and quickly.

What do you do when the service record runs out of spots? Get a new sticker? Naw. Just keep writing on the wall.

I generally don't have a problem with people taking up two spaces if they think they have a nice car, but only if they park way out on the edge of the lot where nobody else is. This guy is pretty close to the entrance. I wish I had a smaller vehicle that I could jam in right beside him, half an inch away.

That's a big pizza; they can barely fit it out the door.

A group of us went to see Bill Burr at the Improv Comedy Club. He was pretty funny. About the only reason I knew of him is because he went on stage in New Jersey after the audience had booed the previous comedian so much that he simply walked off the stage. Bill tore the audience apart for around ten minutes, and it's absolutely hilarious to hear. He was pretty funny. The best bit was about automated check-out machines and how we're doing for free what people had previously been paid to do. A group of women in front of us booed him once, and he went after them a bit. Nothing too bad, but they still walked out; I thought it was all pretty funny.

This truck's bumber is messed up, so they just duct-taped the license plate to the window. Well, I guess it works.

Ooh, that bookshelf would go with my living room. But then I'd buy stuff to put on it, and then I'd have more stuff that I don't need.

Friday night was an MMA match between Fedor and Arlovski. A few of us went to the Mezzanine Lounge to watch it. There was also a soccer match (USA vs Sweden) going on, and some people in the other room were watching that. It was funny listening to people in the different rooms cheering at different times and then seeing everyone look for one of the other small TVs showing the other sport to see the replay of what all the fuss was about. There were a few good fights. One poor guy got kicked in the crotch three times, and Fedor hit Arlovski mid-air, knocking him out before he even hit the ground. I love Fedor; he's just completely emotionless.

Nice, they even have TVs in the bathroom.

The UH Department of Public Safety sends all the students an email whenever there is a violent crime (robbery, assault, etc) on campus. It's not very even racially, though. Looking through the emails I've received, 23 of the criminals were black, 5 were Hispanic, and 2 were white. The 2 white guys sounded like drunk bum purse-snatchers, too, whereas a lot of the others had guns or knives. It was all black guys for the first six months or so, and I was actually hoping for a white guy to do something to at least even the stats a little. Then again, the only time an email was about a woman was when she attacked another woman with a kitchen knife over her ex-boyfriend. Way to keep the stereotypes alive, people.

McDonald's had run out of register tape, so they had borrowed some from Popeyes. Whatever works, I guess.