2009 Feb 14 | Valentine's Day

This is the first time I've seen a traffic jam getting out of the school parking lot.

I parked, leaving a space to my left. Then this guy parked between me and another car. I much prefer to park a little farther away and keep space around me so I don't get a door slammed into my vehicle rather than be a few feet closer, but I guess most people aren't the same.

Aw, come on. Why park like that. It would take 5 seconds to straighten out.

I like this person. S/he always parks on the edge and leaves plenty of space for the car to the side.

Study break: watching ants crawl around. I followed a few and they seemed to move pretty randomly. I wonder if they enjoy their lives.

I usually don't like graffiti, but I do get a kick out of it being on a sign warning against criminal mischief.

Aw, come on, Hummers are supposed to drive over big rocks and things. Those tires would be ruined in about 10 seconds if he went off-road.

A bus stop by Wal-Mart which some people have hauled their carts to. I wonder if any of the cart gatherers come all the way out here to collect them.

Friday night Fran and I went to the Museum of Natural Sciences for their Love Bugs event. All the regular exhibits were open and there was salsa dancing. It was called Love Bugs because the butterfly house was open, but I guess all the butterflies sleep at that time because we only saw a couple of moths. Also, we never got around to dancing because we were still wandering around looking at exhibits when they closed down.

Some neat crystals.

They all had names and descriptions, although most were more specific than this. Don't they have scientists to figure this stuff out?

A huge katydid.

There were some computer games scattered around, but this one crashed on us in the middle of the game.

I've been waiting for this to happen. Get up, pour a bowl of cereal and milk and a glass of orange juice while still half asleep, and pour the OJ into the cereal instead of the milk. I'm actually surprised I haven't done it more.

Those don't look like the type of shoes most bikers wear.

I had my clinic coat dry cleaned, and they put this big mark on it. I got it out easily with Spray 'n Wash, but come on. Plus, there were still wrinkles. I guess I won't go back to that cleaners.

Big sticks of bamboo at Hobby Lobby. The bamboo plants I tried to keep in the house died (at least, I think they did; they never looked healthy to me), so maybe I coul cheat with these.

Ooh, they even sell pheasant feathers.

Arg, why does the cop have to go the speed limit and slow traffic down?

Saturday night Silvia and I went to AvantGarden. They were having a masquerade party with belly dancers, fire spinners, body painting, and things like that. Early on, nobody else was in masks, so they had probably just shown up for a drink like every other night. One of the organizers went around handing out free masks to people, though.

It was also supposed to be a lingerie party, but again, almost nobody dressed for that. This woman did, however.

Some non-mask people sitting around talking.

A room upstairs with some live music.

The belly dancers. We wanted to dance and the music didn't really suit that, so we left soon after this. Oh, and the event was sponsored by the Homeless Pet Placement League, so that explains the dog in the back.

After AvantGarden, we went to Eden. They had a belly dancer, too.

They were also doing lots of slave auctions and things. It was fun, but again, we just wanted to dance, and nobody was really dancing.

So we finally headed to Bikini Beach, where lots of people were dancing.