In line for the Harry Potter movie at the IMAX theater. And I got there 2 hours early.

The film messed up about 10 minutes into the movie. Some of the ushers came and make shadow animals on the screen with flashlights to keep people entertained until they got it working again. Plus, we all got a free ticket.

A movie was being filmed in a BART station.

Always nice to know that there are spare razors on the floor in the BART.

That's a big fridge.

A girl who always sits in the same place on BART on the way to work.

Honestly, how hard is it to replace the TP?

Run to the Farside costumes at the awards show.

Me in my costume, which had pretty much fallen apart by the end. Although I did win 4th place and $100.

The prices at convention centers are so competitive.

A girl trying out a Porshe at the car show.

I don't think that's going to go over well in the US.

Corvettes by year.

Expensive sedan.

Expensive car.

All opened up.

These sure are wavy looking.

You have to wait in line forever at the public library to get a computer with internet access.

I refuse to read magazines that have 40-some pages of ads before the table of contents.

A stapler at the office that turns from green to red when it's low.

Every once in a while a book I buy from a thrift store has writing in it. In this particular case, someone had used the book for a class. Unfortunately for her, the note she writes is completely incorrect.

A videogame expo in San Francisco.

They had 4-player games set up around the edges with big comfy chairs.

And a big stage in the center where two people went head-to-head.

Playing Mario Brothers with a giant gamepad.

They also had live music.

Ah, gotta love traffic.

What else would all those little dots be for?

Playing DDR at the videogame show.