2009 Feb 28 | Cornealympics

Wouldn't you want to put "no open flames" above "don't create static"?

I love this billboard. It seems like it's straight out of the 1930s.

There is a Nissan Xterra SE, but I'm pretty sure that's not the official symbol.

Hey, what's going on here? The difference between the item-only price vs the combo price should be the same because you're adding the same drink and side order for all of them. However, the price difference ranges from $0.90 for the chicken wrap to $2.30 for the bacon cheeseburger toaster. Then again, it generally follows the rule that the more expensive the base item, the more expensive the added side and drink.

My guess is that since it's a bigger number, it doesn't seem as big of an increase psychologically because your brain thinks in percentage changes more than numerical changes, even though the percent change and percent difference still have a wide range (24% to 54% and 22% to 42%). Depending on the price of a medium drink and a side, it might be cheaper to buy them all separately, at least for the more expensive items. On the cheaper items, though, the combo is definitely a good deal.

I'm still picking up feathers from the masks made for Valentine's and Mardi Gras. If you even get near them with a vacuum or broom they scoot away, so it's pretty much grabbing them one at a time after they settle down.

Wait, does that mean they opened it? Or just covered a hole or something?

Learning to change power and clean hard contact lenses. It looks like a baking class, though, and just like baking, you get "batter" all over everything, which explains the aprons.

Aw, they closed off my little short cut. Actually, I might still be able to make it over that. The bottom would be easy, but the Jeep might get high centered on the top part. Probably not worth trying, though.

I hate having to pull the labels off of fruit before I eat it. Get a fingernail under it, pull it off, open the cabinet to the trash bin, try to shake the label off my finger into the trash bin without having it flying elsewhere... it's just so much work. This was perfect, though; I'm not going to eat the stem, so no need to remove the label.

Saturday morning was the Cornealympics. It was pretty cold and windy, though. Also, it was only the first and second years because the third years had a practice management seminar.

Frisbee-through-rings toss.

A view of the crowd.

One of the relays.

Tug of war. Our class had gloves and cleats; we meant business.

And we won all three tug of wars.

A blind-folded race.

We got all the first years together to get their picture taken, and while they were organizing themselves, we nailed them with water balloons.

Ooh, he's going for the stash! Stop him!

Maybe coming into the center of our "base" wasn't such a good idea.