2009 Mar 06 | Vision Therapy, Watchmen

They're remodeling the apartment next to mine, but they obviously don't have the best workers possible. I heard them yelling at each other for about 15 minutes, saying how they're going to fire everyone and get people who aren't so horrible, and then they all left. But not before breaking this window on the steps and leaving all the glass sitting there for hours. Finally, I went out and swept it all up myself so some kid didn't come along and cut his foot up.

One reason I like to cook is that I think it's probably healthier than the alternatives. Then again, you have to be careful. This was the "low sodium" chicken broth, and it still had 40%.

Ooh, the garlic turned green. It kinda freaked me out, so I Googled it, but apparently it can be normal and not some horribly poisonous reaction.

Dumb washers and dryers. This one still had soap left in it, so I had to dig through the trash to find some paper to scrape and scoop it out. And then my clothes still had soap on them afterwards, so I had to rewash them again.

They sure like to put these flyers up at this apartment complex.

OK, you can't really tell by the picture, but one ticket cost $15 and the other cost $16. Why the difference?

Sunday evening was a fun night of billiards at a Slick Willie's. The music and the food were both really good. The chicken strips were really spicy, probably to get people to buy more beer.

There weren't nearly as many people as I thought there would be. Then again, it was Sunday night. As a plus, that means fewer people to laugh at my horrible lack of pool skills.

Ah, man, it's like being back in Berkeley. It would be even cooler if the Pterodactyl was a kite that he could release when driving fast and have it soar above him, although that would probably be a bit much.

I'm always wary of people who claim wheat bread is so much healthier than white bread...

... because if you check the nutrients list, they're almost exactly the same, which means those people just go around believing whatever sounds right without ever taking the time to research it. After all, the white bread is enriched. If you compare what's listed, everything is within 2% of the other except that wheat has 4% more fiber and white has 5% more thiamin. Then again, perhaps there are some nutrients that aren't listed at all, so maybe wheat really is healthier if it has some of those. Or maybe not.

I think one of my least favorite aspects about living in cities is you can't see a beautiful sunset stretch out over the horizon.

The back door of this trailer fell down as he was driving, but thankfully nothing come rolling out at me.

My alarm radio is set to 92.9, a country music station, because they give the traffic and weather report right when I like to get up. The one thing that really bugs me about that station is that they're always comparing how many commercials they play against how many one of their competitors play. However, they're sneaky about it. For example, they'll say they play 800 fewer minutes of commercials per week, which sounds like a lot. But if you do the math, that's only about five minutes per hour.

Sometimes I take the local roads to school. They're an almost-guaranteed 20-minute drive, whereas the highway is usually 15 minutes but can be 25 and even 30+ on rare occasions. Even so, I prefer the highway, just because it's smoother (you don't have all the stops) and therefore easier.

We're doing vision therapy on ourselves for pediatrics lab. We have to use red/blue glasses for the computer portion, though, which are in this little bin at the library. You have to give them your student ID to get the glasses because apparently otherwise the wholly unethical students we have here would steal them and, uh, well, I have no idea what they would do with them.

Crossing your eyes is easy. In fact, I can get all the way to the edge of the screen, but then the computer just displays 58 prism diopters as your range. I think it should have some note that it can't go any farther and that's not really your maximum, though. On the other hand, training your eyes to diverge is pretty much impossible. As much as I try, I can't get those numbers to budge.

The guys working on the apartment next to mine left this access panel off after they were done for the day. You know, it would be pretty easy for a thief to stick a ladder there, run up it, push the ladder over so nobody would be suspicious, drill a hole into the ceiling of my apartment, and take what whatever he wanted at his leisure. Of course, he could do the same with anybody else's place by removing the panel himself (they just have four screws), but this makes it much more inviting. I think I'm going to screw it back on pretty soon if they don't.

Ooh, I love rice in a bag, although it's pretty nasty reheated in a microwave.

Midnight opening of Watchmen on IMAX. We didn't get there as early as we had wanted to due to really nasty traffic from the rodeo, so we ended up sitting in the back corner. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, though (unlike having to sit way up front for a movie), and as a benefit, we were the first ones out after it was over.

Friday afternoon we played ultimate on the field by the optometry school. This guy was out there sunbathing in some pretty tight briefs, which was rather weird considering there's an outdoor pool about 100 feet away where everyone else sunbathes on beach chairs.

Thankfully he moved and we could play. It was a lot of fun, although the heat and humidity are already pretty bad. Everyone was pretty tired at the end.