2009 Mar 29 | etc

I had been using this for a while and all of the sudden my teeth became really sensitive. I don't know if it was the toothpaste or not, but I'm not sure if I really want to experiment properly because if it was, my teeth will be sensitive again, and I think in this case avoidance of possible pain wins out over the desire to gain knowledge.

People in Texas seem to wear flip flops a lot. I'm not sure if it's the same in other parts of the country, but it seems like they're much more prevalent here. Then again, I almost never wear them (they're so much slower to walk in and your feet get dirty), and I never really paid attention before, so maybe everyone everywhere else wears them, too.

Sigh, more junk pieces of paper trying to sell stuff. I didn't get these in the other apartments, but I did get the higher-quality and therefore more expensive door-knob hanger things for delivery places. I'm actually glad that's what it turned out to be, though, because at first I figured it was a note from someone who had hit my vehicle.

More parking problems. If you come to school after about 9-10am or so, even the economy lot is full, so you sit around waiting for people to walk to the lot, follow them to their cars, and wait for them to pull out. The whole ordeal has a bit of a stalker vibe.

Ooh, this guy took up two spots. Normally that's rather annoying, but considering how much of a problem parking is right now, I'm surprised this vehicle hasn't been set on fire.

The sink in the optometry school student lounge is always full of paper towels. Honestly, why can't people clean up after themselves?

It's always scary opening acceptance/rejection letters. I was especially afraid of this one because I was applying for the summer research program as a second-year student, and they almost never grant them to second years unless they also did the program the previous year. They would rather give them to first years since they can continue their research longer, so I was pretty surprised that I was accepted. The faculty members who wrote reference letters for me must have done really good jobs.

Yeah! The Dairy Queen close to my apartment finally got their drive-through sign back up after the hurricane. That took long enough.

Then how are you supposed to get in and out?

Our tax dollars at work.


It's 9:05. The service desk is supposed to be open, but it's not, and they're not answering the package pick-up door, even though I can hear them inside. I'm in some kind of weird post-office limbo.

The professors give their lecture notes to someone to photocopy and they make around 100 packets, then the professors haul them all to class and hand them out. This time someone spilled coffee on a corner of a bunch of the notes, and rather than re-copy them all, just gave them to the professor. Actually, I'd probably do the same, but I'm sure it sure annoyed some of the perfectionists in our class. I thought of it as a bonus: if I'm getting tired of studying, I can just smell the notes and they will wake me up.

Hmmm... I wonder if the person with that license plate is medically trained. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but after studying pathology and pharmacology, I'd probably request a different place.

Ooh, more traffic jerks. There's a stop light to the right. Considerate people would stop behind this exit if they saw cars waiting to turn right, but the guy in the green truck didn't. Then again, the guy behind him did.

This van with a flashing blue light was just sitting in the corner here. Then he would drive around the parking lot, stopping for a minute or two somewhere else, and then drive back here. I'm guessing he was some kind of security, but it seems weird to have a whole van for a tiny lot of a drive-through.

When you see people driving the wrong way down the entrance ramp onto the highway, it's a pretty good indicator that you should stay on the feeder road rather than getting on the highway.

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but traffic was completely stopped across all the lanes. It's weird how traffic was completely stopped up to this point, but afterwards, the highway was wide open, so if you happened to either be lucky or paying attention and got off the highway before it, you were fine, but if not, you could be stuck for who knows how long.

I went to Sabine Park on Sunday. I was going to go to the Bayou City Arts Festival at Memorial Park, but I changed my mind on the way there because you have to park far away and then take a bus there, and I just wasn't in the mood for that. These guys had leaves and dirt all over their backs. I wonder where they picked those up.

There's a big skate park there, and it seemed pretty clean.

A sand volleyball court. There's not much parking on that side, though. There are actually a few other little parks right around here, some with more volleyball courts, so I might hang out a bit here and see how it is.

Some apartments with neat all-glass fronts looking onto the park.

Back at my normal park, with some guys playing soccer on Sunday afternoon. I like laid-back games, but this one seems to be a little too relaxed for me; I like a little more aggression. Sigh, it's a delicate balance.

I'm not sure where these gigantic strawberries came from, but they've been around for a few years now, and I hate them. They're much harder and less tasty than smaller ones, but the huge ones are the only ones I ever see in stores. Maybe people just think bigger equals better and nobody ever bought the small ones so they stopped selling them.

I actually had a bunch of different events I was thinking of going to this weekend, but I ended up not going to any of them. The big two were the Texas Fetish Ball at the Meridian and Pitbull at the House of Blues. Then main reason I ended up skipping them was because the online tickets cost an extra $15 for convenience and processing fees, which just seems insane to me. However, to avoid the extra online charges, you have to drive to the box office during the week, and that means driving downtown during rush hour, if I can even make it in time because classes and labs get out pretty late. I really like Fandango because it's only a $1 charge, which seems reasonable to me, whereas $15 extra, especially on a $25 ticket, is insane.