2009 Apr 05 | Easter eggs, screening, banquet

SVOSH had a vision screen on campus at the student center.

We like to have it pretty dark to do retinoscopy, but we couldn't figure out a way to turn this light off. However, ...

...I saw this button. Brandon said don't touch it. I thought, "Well, nothing too bad could happen." So I pressed it. It actually rang a buzzer for the someone behind this door to open it. He stuck his head out, I asked him if there was any way to turn the light off, and he said none that he knew of, so we just dealt with the light.

We had a bit of a mix-up at the equipment office over whether we had confirmed the equipment for the evening. That meant the people doing a vision screening the next morning had already picked the equipment up and therefore we couldn't use it. They had extra light boxes, but there is only one big tub with a lot of the equipment, so we ended up scavenging for the other equipment. We ended up getting almost everything except we only found one set of lens bars, so I just grabbed some of my loose lenses. They weren't quite as easy to use as the bars, but they worked.

After a lot of complaining about them painting a bunch of the parking spots to faculty only, they ended up painting them back to student ones.

I'm not sure exactly what happened or how, but it looks like this bus and semi ended up facing each other on the highway. However, neither looks too smashed up, so I don't think it was a head-on collision.

I like my phone, but every once in a while it says it's out of memory, even though I never really do anything that would use it up. Sometimes just restarting the phone works, but sometimes I have to delete and re-install the application, usually Google Maps, which is a little annoying.

I've been using these same bags for years now, and they're still going strong.

At a Pizza Hut on campus, they have a nice little bench to sit on while you're waiting, but that nasty ledge jams right into your back.

A vending machine at the school seems to never give back quarters as change, and I don't like carrying anything smaller than quarters.

Claudia's school bus? That's kind of weird.

Aw, the "troops" is missing. I wonder if it was wind or vandals.

The impatient, animalistic part of my brain of my brain says, "Just jump over; you can make it, no problem," and then the intellectual part chimes in and says, "Yeah, do you really want to take that risk? Plus, even if you do make it, you might slide in on the other side, and that water is pretty nasty. And it's only, what, 2 more seconds to walk around?"

Dead fish.

Soccer ball.

Pretty flower. Ah, to just wander around like a kid and find different things.

This is annoying. I picked up all the trash in the park one day. I thought that if there's trash around, people will keep throwing stuff on the ground, but if it's all picked up, then people might not. Kind of like how nobody will do something until one person starts it, and then everyone does it, too. However, people still throw water bottles all over the place. This is especially annoying because the garbage can is only like 10 feet away.

The stump is getting closer to being completely removed. They've chopped it up into moveable chunks now.

Saturday morning we had the Beeping Easter Egg Hunt. The people from Target were assigned to pick up all the branches so the kids didn't poke themselves.

NOSA from UHCO "hid" the eggs. There wasn't really anywhere to hide them, though, so we just scattered them around.

Delta Gamma put up the helium balloons.

And this girl went around dumping bleach on any ant hills she could find. I didn't see any ants in any of the hills, though, and even if there were any, I think there's a higher risk of some kid eating dirt with bleach on it than getting eaten alive by ants.

I couldn't hang around at the Easter egg hunt, though, because I had to run to a vision screening at a health fair in Pasadena.

The lightboxes had three prongs, but the only outlets nearby had two, so I ran to Walgreens to grab some cheaters.

We were jammed into a pretty small area, but we made it work.

Again, for ret, we want a pretty dark room, so we taped up paper over the windows and over the entrance; we called it "the cave."

We got pretty busy and stayed busy the entire time.

I ran out to grab some food for people and this band was playing there.

I think it's dumb how you have to pay for tickets and then use the tickets to get food so you're not directly paying for it. Honestly, it's just a pain.

Even after all the other booths had packed up and left, we were still seeing people. It's a good thing we did, though, because some of the last kids had some pretty bad amblyopia and will probably basically go blind in one eye if they don't get some glasses.

That evening we had our spring banquet at the Doubletree. There was this neat little pool outside, although they would probably yell at me if I tried to go swimming in it.

A fruit table with a chocolate fountain.

A view of some tables.

I ended up with white wine, red wine, and a mixed drink all at once because they kept shutting down and then re-opening the bars at weird times, which meant we would walk out there and they would be closed, so I just grabbed a bunch all at once.

Dr. Lambreghts and Dr. Knowles were the MCs. A couple of first years wore hats, and the doctors ended up putting them on for the evening.

I received the Nelson Reber Eye Open Award. In addition, they listed all the endowed scholarships, and I wasy the only student with two, so that was neat. I, along with Carol and Will, were also nominated for our class' outstanding student, which was voted on by our classmates. Will won it, but it was really nice to be nominated.

Sunday I wandered over to the gun show. Some of the lots right next to it were charging $7 to $10 to park, but if you drive two blocks farther, there's free street parking. I'm cheap and not lazy, so I go with street parking whenever I can. Plus, if it's a nice day, it's kind of nice to walk a bit.

One booth in the middle was for concealed handgun license training. Texas is pretty lax when it comes to that, not surprisingly. The guy said you'll pass the class if you can do three things: show up, not fall asleep, and speak English.

Ooh, that looks like a neat corner suite.

I love this little set of stones at the corner of these sidewalks at our apartments. It's like hopping across islands, which makes me think all tropical, and I can avoid walking on the grass while still taking the shortcut.

I went to the Improv Comedy Club to see a comedian. The woman I was meeting said she would be a little late, though, so I ended up going to Dave and Busters right next door. I usually don't go there because they don't have many games I like, but they do have Whack-A-Mole, and that's always fun.

However, they don't have many items that only cost a few tickets, and what's especially bad is they don't have any cheap candy. I'd much rather have a Tootsie Roll or something edible than a Chinese finger trap or a yo-yo.

The comedian was Steve Byrne, and he was pretty funny. Also, because it was the night of Wrestlemania 25, not many people came, so they made the tickets "buy one, get one free." He did joke about how nobody was in the audience, though. Also, he was trying out some new material for an upcoming DVD, and he messed up some of it, which was pretty funny, especially when he just gave up and said he'd have to work on it later.