2009 Apr 12 | NOSA banquet

If someone is jammed over to the side by a space I want to park in so that I wouldn't be able to park pretty much exactly in the middle, I'll park in another space where I can. You never know when someone who parks on the other side is going to throw their door open or something.

That's an easy number to remember.

We have hard lens fitting kits. All the lenses look the same, though, so I re-check them every once in a while. This time four lenses were mixed up.

I don't really trust anything labeled "meat" that's more than 1/2 off, especially when I can't find an expiration date.

Considering it is currently 04/08/09, I think I'll avoid this as well.

My big burner died, but I just used the others, so it wasn't a big deal. When I went into the office I mentioned it, though, and they fixed it the next day, so that was nice. I told them about the oven taking forever to heat up, but it still does, so maybe it's just made that way.

Ah! This was a Target until a little while ago. I never saw a going-out-of-business sign or any other notice and there's absolutely nothing left to let you know it used to be a Target, so for a few minutes I thought I might have driven into the wrong lot.

Um, OK, they threw a tree branch away. That's weird.

Oh, it looks like the guy was just changing out his messages.

NOSA had it's annual banquet downtown, but I got there a little early, so I wandered around the area a bit. There seems to be a nice waterway here.

Well, except for the bums. Actually, this is one of the few places I've seen bums in Houston other than begging for money at intersections.

And the gunk in the water.

I'm always wary of any water that has something bubbling underneath it.

The University of Houston downtown campus is fairly neat looking.

Some of the NOSA members wearing just slightly-oversized glasses.

The banquet was at the Spaghetti Warehouse, but the food isn't really any good. It is close to some of the downtown clubs, though.

A little calculator and a readout with the date at the bank; how convenient.

Most water fountains are at just two levels, but these have a whole procession from high to low.

I like trail mix, but it's pretty expensive. I thought this was a pretty good deal because it seemed so big, but when you actually compared the weight and price to the normal-sized bags, it really wasn't much of a savings.

Ooh, I hate people who would rather sit and wait for another car to pull out rather than just drive a little farther. I can see waiting if the car is about to pull out, but if the people are just starting to put their items in the trunk, just move on. Most of the people who do this look like they could use the exercise, too.

This wasn't very nice. I was standing in line. These women went in front of me from the side. I assumed they were with the lady in front of them. Then one of their husbands came by and she kept waving him in front of me. I didn't really say anything because I wasn't in the mood, and you could tell he really didn't want to butt in front of me, but his wife kept bothering him so he finally squeezed by me.

I don't like most of the new games out now, mainly because they're too time-consuming. If you want to do well at World of Warcraft or whatever, you have to play them for 6 hours a day. I prefer the old NES games you could beat completely in a few hours, so I like to play the little online flash games. Like this one, Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar, which you can beat in about 5 minutes, but is still fun.