2009 Apr 19 | Hermann Park

Note to self: don't clean the stove top a few hours before making sauce that will fly all over. Argh.

This person someone managed to take up four spots. Amazing.

I've never been to Hermann Park before, but I happened to be in the area, so I figured I'd check it out. It was actually pretty nice. Lots of benches scattered around, some in the sun and some in the shade, so a good variety.

The long pool.

Ooh, they have turtles swimming around. I wonder if they'd get mad at me if I jumped in and tried to catch one.

These kids and their mother were bouncing on the tree branch. Who needs fancy seesaws when you have nature?

Leaving the park, I was horrified to find a traffic circle. I thought I might be stuck in it forever with no clue how to get off. It easy, though.

Fran had invited me to Ginger Man, a little pub nearby. They have a really nice outdoor area in back and a decent selection of beers, too.

There's a big debate going on about whether optometrists should have a board to certify them. We've had a couple student-wide discussions about it, and they finally brought in someone to tell us about it. I was hoping he would give a balanced view of both sides, even if he had an opinion on the issue.

Well, so much for that idea. He had an entire presentation on how necessary certification is. Also, I was very disappointed in the smear survey he handed out, one of those surveys that isn't made to actually get your opinion on something but is actually designed to push you one way or another. Like the phone surveys where the callers asks, "If you knew Obama ate babies, would that make you more or less likely to vote for him?" It was actually pretty sad.

Honestly, once you're that far, you might as well go for it.

Multiple helicopters in the air in a certain area are always bad news.

These wooden buildings were motels that were being rebuilt when they collapsed just before I drove home. One worker died, which was pretty unfortunate. The buildings didn't even have any metal supports.

I like grapefruit, but every time I dig a section out it squirts juice all over me, the table, and anything else nearby. So, in order to reduce the amount of juice on me and my surroundings, I only eat the sections that are the biggest. That way I maximize my fruit:squirt ratio.

A group of us went to Mi Luna for tapas. The food was pretty good, but like most tapas, a bit expensive for how much food you get.

Then again, we went mainly because there was free entertainment: a flamenco dancer, Bianca Antonia.

It doesn't seem very efficient to haul around only one bale at a time, although I guess if you only need one, it works.

Yep, it's Wednesday night by the mailboxes, when all the junk mailings come out and people set them on the trash can until the stack is too high and falls.

Making care packages with NOSA.

I ate at Arby's and asked for a couple of the chocolate-chip cookies. The guy looked through them and said that unfortunately they were all a little burned. Well, I actually prefer my cookies a little overdone, so it was perfect.

I went to Mezzanine Lounge to watch the UFC fight because in the past there have been some people who were really into MMA rather than just people wanting an excuse to drink and hang out. Unforunately, they weren't there, and it was all the other type of people. Honestly, I think about half of the people never even looked at the screen. Hmm, time to find another place with people who are actually interested in the fights.

I never buy Fig Newtons because they're so expensive. So when I saw them on sale for almost half off, it was like finding pure gold.

Powerade is one of the few things I'll actually pay the same amount or even more for to get the smaller bottle.

Because these are just too big to use easily a lot of the time. If you're going to leave them by the side of a field, they're great, but if you actually want to haul them around, they don't work. They don't fit in the drink holders in vehicles, either, which is probably why they can sell them for the same price.

He's hauling the Bobcat with a trailer. Boy, a trailer would have been nice when I had to drive one out to the farm and then back into town in 100+ degree weather or whatever it was a couple of years ago.

An accident on the freeway...

... that completely stopped traffic. On one hand, you hope everyone involved in the accident is OK, and on the other, everyone is really, really mad at them for causing such a mess.