2009 Apr 24 | Menu of Menus, Chinese acrobats

I was going to the Menu of Menus Tuesday evening, so I decided to eat lunch around there and then study in the park. I ate at the District 7 Grill, which was pretty good and not too expensive.

Although I couldn't figure out why they had this shovel there. I'm guess it's for the plants they have scattered about, but who knows.

A fountain pool at Discovery Green that kids liked to play in.

You could pay $40 more at the Menu of Menus to get in 1 hour early, which seemed way too expensive to me.

Aw, that looks like fun.

An open area where people were playing frisbee.

"No boating"? How could you even fit one in there?

For this to make any sense, it would have to have a map on it that indicates where the Park Map is with the (?) symbol, and it doesn't.

A bit hard to see, but there were actually three planes fairly close together. One just kept going around in big circles, so I wonder if he was practicing.

The dog park separates dogs based on size.

This sculpture was just sitting there when all of the sudden it started pouring water out of the ring at the top. The woman who was sitting there was basically trapped.

The tree is smiling.

I didn't think there would be a big line to get in, so even though I got there hours earlier, I was off in a different part of the park when the line started forming and still got stuck a long ways back.

Some people doing yoga.

Neat trays to sample the food.

It was pretty crowded around the booths.

At this end there were tables and a band.

One of my favorite restaurants with boba (bubble tea).

Ninfa's had some really good food.

Ooh, more meat.

Some interesting furniture provided by one of the sponsors.

A bunch of cops gathered for something. Now would be the perfect time to rob a bank somewhere else.

Since it was leaked on the internet, "only in theaters" is almost false advertising, although I guess that wasn't a finished product.

They repaired a part of I-45, but they did so extremely fast. At least it seemed like it to me, because most construction seems to take forever. It was a much shorter piece of road, though.

We needed a 12" ruler for our Pediatrics Lab final. Will decided to use a yardstick instead.

Arg, the self-checkout is supposed to be fast. However, the people in front of me kept getting their card declined. Honestly, declined for $6.50? I'm willing to bet they weren't only buying essentials, either.

The guy in the truck is waiting for the car in the handicapped space to pull out, even though there's an empty space right beside it. Are you so lazy that being a single space closer makes a difference?

What's so special about Snickers that they're more expensive than the other candy bars?

This was so frustrating. I ordered a lab coat. They got it, and then embroidered my name. It took them a month to do that. When I went to pick it up, they used blue thread, not red, so they redid it. That took another month. Then when I got it, they had used a full-length lab coat rather than the short ones we need to have. I was so sick of dealing with it that I just took it and left. I thought it would take about 3 days to get a back-up clinic coat, and I waited months to eventually not even get one I could use.

Friday night was the Golden Acrobats of China at Miller Outdoor Theater. It's a pretty nice place, and they have seats that are covered plus a big lawn people can sit on and watch the shows.

I'm not sure why they scratched "City of Houston, Miller Outdoor Theater" on all of the urinal tops. Do people actually steal these and use them on their own urinals?

Well, up to this point it had been either clear skies or a very light sprinkle for a few minutes. That doesn't look good, though, and it wasn't. It eventually ended up pouring. Lots of people still hung around to watch the show.

And I'm glad we did, because it was really good.

An acrobat climbing ladders while balancing a pole.

Two other acrobats.

A video of a few other acts.

Afterward we went to The Concert Pub to see 80 Proof, an 80s cover band. However, they waited until after the basketball game was over to start (which nobody was watching, and you could watch and listen to the band anyway), and they weren't that great.