This car's alarm went off Sunday morning at around 8am. The guy didn't turn it off for over half an hour (if he ever turned it of at all; I think it just stopped on its own), and when I went out later in the day I noticed someone had thrown hot cocoa mix and flour on it. They obviously weren't happy about being woken up.

Runts candies. So delicious, and yet probably way too dirty to pick up and eat. Well, maybe not. Sigh, my taste buds are trying to overwhelm my poison-avoidance system.

This guy went up the escalator in his wheelchair. I was highly impressed.

Our repair man leaving a note that he fixed the oven. Yes, that's a paper grocery bag.

Tame squirrels at UCB. Must keep Mom away from here.

At the library on Sunday. It opens at 1pm, and there's a mad rush for magazines 2 seconds after they open the doors because of people like this guy, who take 10 magazines at a time and don't put them back until they're done reading them all, 3 hours later. Arrggg!

The library elevator has buttons you can push with your feet to tell it which floor to go to in case your arms are filled with books.

A shoe store near the high school.

Someone's lawn. I feel sorry for anybody who has to put up a sign like this.

Not sure what this is all about, but it appears someone is not too happy. "Pittsburg house stealer"?

The woman in the red coat and white bag came onto the BART car, and the woman closest to me gave up her seat and would have had to stand except that...

...this guy gave up his seat for her.

This guy was wearing tennis shoes that have tips like dress shoes.

Fire drill at work. We had some cookies that we took outside and handed out; we gave all of the leftover ones to the fire fighters when they left.

Shopping at Costo. I've seen huge shopping carts at Wal-Mart, but look at that thing the woman on the left is pushing. It's like she stole it from the guys who deliver items to the store.

I asked a woman working at Wal-Mart if she could get someone with a ladder to help me. She said, "I don't think so," and just went back to work. So...

...I found a ladder a few isles over and got it myself. Good thing it only said, "Ask for assistance," and not "Wait for assistance." I figured if someone came and yelled at me, I could say I followed the directions to the letter. Nobody did, of course, because every available person was at the registers. I still had to wait in line like 20 minutes to check out, though.

This is why you don't buy wrapping paper at dollar stores. I bought a 3-pack, and that square on the right is how much was on a roll. Yes, that was a whole roll.

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