2009 Apr 30 | finals, post office, display driver

I can never seem to find sour cream in the grocery store. I always end up wandering all over the store before stumbling across it.

We went to a movie, and there was a giant line outside. This has to be miserable if it rains. Plus, I think it was the most ghetto movie showing I've ever been to.

I was on the other side and they don't even have cashiers here, only the little machines. Definitely printing tickets online next time.

Pharm and path notes spread out on the floor.

Our finals didn't start until 12pm. I wanted to get to the school earlier because the parking spaces fill up, but all of the private rooms in the library were full, so I just studied in the Jeep for a few hours.

I think one of the construction trucks must have dropped blobs of asphalt onto the exit, and they're really annoying to drive over.

This was perfect. I was in Staples and really wanted some candy, but I wasn't about to pay $2 for a candy bar or whatever they charge. However, I noticed this big container of Swedish Fish marked down from $10 to $4 at the register, so that just made my day.

The display driver on my laptop decided to stop working. Usually it shows this double screen with lines through it, which is really annoying. Also, I've tried pretty much everything short of a total Windows re-install to fix it (upgrade the driver via Windows, upgrade it manually, remove and re-install it, upgrade the BIOS, etc), and every once in a while it will work for a few minutes and then go all goofy again.

We had to sign up for summer elective because there are only about 20 spots in each class. I was hoping to get into 2-3 classes that sounded interesting, not to mention some might be useful for boards, but the selection order was random and I got a really low number, so I only got a single class, and that was my fourth option. Pretty disappointing.

I tried out Shan Hu Chinese Restaurant, which is a few blocks away, and it's now my favorite Chinese restaurant. I can get three meals out of $6.

Arg, I hate when the deal flyers come because they stick the useful mail inside of them, so I have to go through them carefully to make sure I don't throw away something important.

This lock always takes me a while to get open because you have to have the keyed pull out just the right amount.

Well, it's not really doing the right thing. It's avoiding going to jail.

The most hated words ever: "delivery confirmation." They mean I have to go to the post office and stand in line for an hour or so. Every time you think socialism is a good idea, go to the post office or DMV and it will make you run screaming back to capitalism.

Yeah, everyone looks really happy. Actually, it had a happy ending: a guy who works for Dr. Pepper was there, so I asked him how they work with Pepsi and Coke. He said they are independent of those two, but they often use them as distributors.

These giant boxes of cereal were actually cheaper than the regular-sized ones, so I snatched some up.

However, they're a little too giant. They're too tall to fit in my cupboard properly, so I have to lie them on their sides.

Oh, man, why did she have to buy chocolate-covered cherries? That means they're probably on sale, so I have to run and grab some now.

My maps and itineraries for Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

I went to the library at UH to grab a book to read. I decided to get Stephen King's Duma Key, but the shelf was in utter chaos when I got there. I did manage to find the book in the clutter, though.

The library had a bunch of little lockable study rooms at the edge, although it looked like some people camp out in them. This one had a big bag of cosmetics, a blanket, and some books.

And look at this one; he's practically living in there.

It's not due for four months; that seems excessively long. What if someone else wants to read it?

Well, sometimes it's good to keep old stuff around. My old laptop is pretty slow, but at least the screen works, and I can use it until I figure out how to fix my new one.