2009 May 04 | Corpus Christi

Towing one and stuffing another inside.

Ooh, I want to follow him; that looks like fun.

Some of the beaches in Corpus Christi had a lot of seaweed on them.

And the sand was pretty soft and deep to drive in, so you had to keep moving and only stop where it was hard or else you could get stuck. I actually used four-wheel drive a few times.

Yeah, this is what you need.

This end of the beach had surfers and fishermen.

The sand was really light and the wind blew it all over.

I didn't see anyone riding horses on the beach, but they probably went south where nobody else was.

One of the tourist trap trinket stores that looked like a sand castle.

Aw, so much for sitting by the pool reading at the motel.

And no internet, either. Well, I guess they are trying to convince people to go out and see the sights rather than stay at the motel. Now they just need to remove the TVs to make it perfect.

This seemed like the old downtown area of Corpus Christi, although now it was all bail bonds and strip clubs.

Most of the beaches were really skinny and long. This is more the type of beach I prefer, though; wider with no seaweed.

Some neat little shelters along the beach.

A neat house.

And another.

With the Tae Kwon Do and acupuncture there, too, I'm not sure if I'd want to leave my kid here.

This is one of the main reasons I really don't watch TV anymore. The main story is six "experts" discussing some guy who was stalking Tyra Banks, and in little letters at the bottom is 80 people killed. Sigh.

My towels and some clothes smelled really strongly like the beaches, and it wasn't a wonderful smell, so I ran to a laundromat in the morning.

I knocked a ton of sand off of the towels, too.

Some neat ceramic souvenirs.

The USS Lexington.

I'd never think of that.

A view of part of the city from the ship.

Where it was hit by a Kamikaze.

The guns.

One of the best signs I've ever seen in my life.

Where the landing officer stood. There was a net below it so if a plane was going to crash into him, he could jump into it.

A bunch of planes lined up.

Adults playing the video games.

You'd think they could figure out some other design that would be secure without making it so easy to trip.

A giant replica of the USS South Dakota.

Uh on, here comes the school tour.

There were lots of stairs all over, but this was one of the few that had a little pad so you didn't hit your head.

One of the medical rooms.

They had an IMAX theater inside of the ship that had a movie on dogfights.

Aw, I thought they had said they go out on Monday, but apparently it was still too early in the year and they only do Saturday and Sunday.