2009 May 10 | Sioux Falls

I have a terrible habit of not being able to remember exactly where I parked in a parking lot, so I often end up wandering around a lot when I come out. So at Wal-Mart, I've started to remember my vehicle's location by the wording on the front of the store. For example, that I parked in the row in front of the "Produce" or "1-Hr. Photo" row.

So what about the other times? Can the terrorists just walk by? And if it's closed down, what if you have a flight leaving then?

Ooh, a smart lady who brought yummy snacks with her.

I don't think I've ever had the same seat on two flights before.

Dad thoroughly confused by the motel's TV system, while I'm having the same problem with the internet.

Falls Park.

Rose quartz in downtown Sioux Falls.

Lots of rose quartz.

My favorite movie theater in the whole wide world, especially because of how comfortable the seats are and the prices.

It was raining, and these two got in an accident just a few minutes before I reached the intersection.

Where Mick works to build fire trucks.

Mom being brave on the ladder.

Another view.

Our favorite family outing: going to rummage sales.

And this is a large reason why.

A sparkly and self-painted-in-other-ways car.

I thought Dairy Queen had stopped selling these, and they're one of my favorite desserts on Earth. Hmm, I wonder if any around me have them.

Holly got us all tickets to Chicago.

They don't have HyVees down here, so I can't get my favorite fruit snacks.

Getting on the plane, a screwdriver was being used instead of a screw to hold this in place. I'm not sure if I want to get on this plane.

Some neat clouds.

I like the automatic machine at the park-n-fly place I use. It doesn't have any prompt or anything, so you just do what would be the obvious set of steps: insert your parking card so it knows the number of days, insert your credit card to pay, and then receive your receipt. There are so many systems set up that explain every single little step of how to do something, it's nice to see one that expects you to be able to be smart enought to figure it out yourself.