2009 May 31 | Etc

This is a perfect example of why I hate people who try to squeeze into the on-ramp at the last second rather than waiting in line like everyone else. If they can do it without slowing the cars in the on-ramp down or getting in the way of the cars on the road, I don't mind, but this guy is jamming up traffic behind him, which is really inconsiderate and dangerous.

I guess they don't want you using this door.

In some parts of the optometry building, my cell phone goes into roaming.

And here I don't even get any service. It's mainly in the one classroom and OD/Med, but it's quite annoying.

I love this combo stapler + tape dispenser.

Ooh, it's my favorite fruit snacks. Dinosaurs, sharks, and monsters. Well, I've never heard of monsters, but they're the exact same thing as the others.

This was so annoying. There is a student parking lot near by, but it was full. There are also spots with meters, but they were all full as well. The people inside said I could park in any of these five spaces, though, so I did. But then this meter maid wrote me a ticket because apparently the spot I parked in was a loading-only space.

She said I would only have to pay half of the amount if I paid it in the next three days, so I went straight to the office. However, they said I had to pay the full amount because it was a level 16 (loading zone), and to be half it has to be in a level 5 or less. I was trying to park correctly, not just trying to sneak in and hope they wouldn't notice, and the cops were laughing about ticketing people. I really, really hate that meter maid now.

A friend told me to try out Sherlock's in Clear Lake. The live music was decent, but I swear their pool tables are all bumpy or something because none of my shots were going straight.

Ooh, cute little kittens.

Honestly, who tears the handle off of a self-service car wash sprayer?

At the movie theater, the token machine dispensed two different colors of game tokens. A little weird, but they all worked.

This is annoying. No matter how I move, I can never see the middle of my face/body if I'm between the two mirrors. Yeah, I can just move a foot over and look into one straight on, but it's still kind of freaky.

As long as you don't get in the way of anyone else or damage anything, I applaud ingenious parking solutions like this.

Uh oh, big crash on 610. We went from five lanes to one. Thankfully it was Sunday morning and almost nobody was on the roads, so it went quickly.

I hope nobody was hurt, but at the same time, messing up your car seems to be a fair trade for you messing up traffic.

This giant red splotch always freaks me out. I think it's paint, but it reminds me of blood, and that would be a lot of blood.

I usually hate going to the Edwards Greenway Plaza movie theater because you have to pay to park in the garage. However, around this time the area was empty, so I could actually find free street parking.

A bunch of pretty flowers at the entrance to my apartment complex.