2009 Jun 14 | roller skating, volleyball

A weird-looking crosswalk.

Aw, a poor bug stuck on it's back. I really don't like killing things unless they're trying to bite me, so I flipped him over and let him wander away.

Snow parties in Houston? I bet that's expensive.

I was practicing volleyball at the court right beside the rec center's pool.

You have to go through the rec center and show your ID to get in. If you're not a UH student, you have to pay $7 to get in. Unless, of course, the back gate is left open; then you can just wander into the rec center from the pool.

I like the green and blue contact lens cases at Walgreens. However, this time they only had green with white and yellow with blue. I can stand white, but I hate yellow, so hopefully it was just a fluke they were all this way rather than the only way they're selling them now.

Arg, everybody walks in the middle of the row.

I guess it was too much work to put the cart in the corral just across the row. However, if I grab a cart from where I park, I can ride it kind of like a skateboard to the store, which is faster than walking.

I couldn't find batteries in the electronics section, but they did have them next to the plastic utensils for some reason.

Another "my subconscious is telling me to be more careful, but I'm just gonna rip it and see what happens; oops, I should have listened" moments.

Sunday early afternoon some of us went roller skating, which I haven't done in, oh, 15 years or so. I was actually still pretty good at it.

Before they opened there were some people in costumes practicing. I asked some of them about it, and they are actually going to a national championship.

The inline speed skating champion, although I didn't see him.

The tongue on my skates kept falling down, which was annoying. It does this on all my shoes, though, and I remember it happening when I was a kid, so maybe I move my feet weirdly or something.

Maybe I'm just mean, but I get a kick out of watching people fall down when skating, although only if they don't get hurt. It's just fun to see the look on their faces and their body reactions when they know they're going down and beyond any chance of recovery.

Like this group, who kept going even though they fell down a ton and mostly hugged the walls.

They did a game like four corners, only it was six corners and they determined which corners were in and out with a giant fuzzy die.

I was planning on just leaving the game if it got down to a few players, but they did it really fast by having the people in the corners that the die landed on stay in rather than go out, and on the second throw it was only me and one other girl, so I ended up winning a free snow cone.

I grabbed some food on the drive from the roller rink to the volleyball game. The area beside the hand brake is just the right size to hold some of the containers, which means I didn't have to worry about them spilling all over.

Volleyball again on Sunday. We started at 3:30pm, and it was still 95 degrees out. Last time I played barefoot and the sand was pretty hot, but this time I couldn't take it and put shoes on. Some people still went barefoot, but they were hopping around pretty much the entire time.

There were also fewer people this time, both in our group and in other groups, so we all got to play more.

However, it was so hot early that we were happy to be done with each game and run back into the shade. Thankfully it cooled off around 5pm or so.

We had a mix of previous and new players, which makes it fun.

Pretty much 95 degrees forever now.