2009 Jun 21 | UEI roofers, T'afia, Flo Rida, hiking

Normally I like to open my windows to air out my apartment. It's been too hot lately, so instead I paperclipped a Downey dryer sheet to the fan to make it smell all nice and fresh.

This was my favorite tie, but it got a few stains at the bottom. They were pretty light, so I don't know how noticeable they were, but everyone knows you can't wash a tie. I tried to clean them off a bit with a rag instead, but even that took out a lot of the color around the stains. I might try to de-colorize the area around there by scrubbing it with a rag to make it all look the same, but it still won't be quite as nice as it was.

I never knew what "semi" meant until now.

They are re-roofing the top of the optometry school, and boy does the tar stink. It's actually been so bad at times that I got a headache.

They blocked off this area of the sidewalk. Some people duck under the ropes and still walk there because you have to sneak through the bushes otherwise, but the possibility of hot tar pouring down has kept me away.

The roofers taking a little siesta after lunch.

I just like the "It's true, it's true, we promise..." at the end because up to that point I was like, "Yeah, right." In fact, I still don't quite believe it.

Monday night a few of us went to Boheme Wine Bar.

It had a pretty interesting decor, especially the outside benches. Afterwards we went to Christian's Tailgate, which had really great food.

Just down the street from UH is Thelma's Bar-B-Q, which has my favorite BBQ in the city because it's the sweet variety. I'm the only white person I've ever seen in there, but that's always how you find the best BBQ.

Plus, I can get at least two meals out of it, although I can't eat it like a regular sandwich because there's so much meat.

I can walk to here and then just glance down to see if Dr. Bedell is in his office because he always leaves his door open and there will be light coming out of it if he's there.

That's a rather ingenious way to keep the tape from rolling away.

Wednesday night we went to T'afia for drinks because they have free appetizers which are absolutely delicious. There was a traffic jam on both Main and Fannin streets, though, so I drove in a big circle around that.

I like flights because you get to try different things.

We sat right by the flowers with lemons in the bottom of the vase, and that smelled really good. It was a pretty nice little place.

Ooh, that would be cool.

There's a stand for the Houston Press in the optometry school, but it's rarely refilled. The rec center has it, though.

It seems they always have the colors I like, but only in XXL.

This neat-looking bug was outside of the optometry school one day.

And a bird got caught in here between the inner and outer doors at the front of the building, so some other guy and I scared it out.

They put flowers on the pens and put them in a vase. It's probably more to keep people from stealing the pens, but it's a really cute idea.

That's rather creepy.

Friday night we had free tickets to Tony Rock, Chris Rock's little brother. He was pretty funny, and the bathroom stalls were really neat, too.

After that we had discounted tickets to Flo Rida at HUSH. We got there around 9:30 and he didn't actually start until 1:30, so it was a bit of a wait, although they still played their regular music until then. We also weren't supposed to be up in this area because it was a VIP section and we only had general admission wristbands, but a security guard at the stairs left his post, so we snuck up.

I like the written-in "Pepsi can" on the Coke machine.

Grr, my laptop still has a problem with the display, so I'm still using my old one. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of to fix it. It has had problems booting up since I got it, too.

Aw, the button fell off. Time to get out the needle and thread.

My favorite trail mix because it has a nice variety of nuts but no chocolate to melt in the heat and get smeared all over.

A neat little patio area on top of a house.

A group of us went "hiking" along Bayou Bend Sunday morning. "Hiking" is in parenthesis because it's flat around here and to hike, I think you should have to at least go vertically a bit. You should probably have to wear hiking boots, too, although that's a little more strict.

The ants must be super happy to have such a feast right by their hill.

There's a bat colony under the Waugh bridge. It really, really smells, though.

Most of the group.

One thing I didn't like about this particular group is everyone went at their own pace, which meant we got split up into groups of two to four, whereas I prefer everyone staying together on walks.

A nice little pool.

This made us stop for a moment. There are three different colors of flowers on the same tree. If you look closely, though, you can see where they taped on the clippings.

OK, so there were a few tiny hills, but it still wasn't hiking.

On this site, you use your mouse to sign your name when using your credit card online. It was really jerky when I tried it, though.

We played volleyball again this weekend, but this time we played on Saturday at 5:30pm instead of Sunday at 3:30pm. It was a lot cooler that way and also there wasn't as much competition from other teams for the nets.

I'm in the blue shorts.

And a little video I put together of some of the highlights.