2009 Jul 11 | dodgeball, UFC 100

Fannin St near the medical center has the left turn lane shared with the rail.

Which always freaks me out a bit when I see a train coming up from behind.

Grr, I wanted this for lunch, but it's cold, so I bought something else as the main meal but still got the veggies. I didn't think they would be cold, too, but I guess everything in this section was, so I ate cold vegetables.

Texas is nuts.

Oh no, a coupon lady who doesn't bring out her coupons until after everything is scanned is in front of me. The horror, the horror.

I was nice and talkative to the cashier, which put her in a good mood, so she put my food in a paper bag so I could "really have a brown-bag lunch."

What do you do if you lose the cover of a really expensive piece of equipment? Use what you have.

These were fun to fix. Not only were the screws missing and in their places were pieces of wire I had to snap of with two pairs of pliers, the reason there was wire instead of screws was that the frames were so bent out of shape that the screws were way too short. I bent everything back into the original shape as best I could, but I still had to use longer screws.

Wednesday we went to Agora for coffee, which is a neat little place with an upper level. They don't have any menu that I could see, though, and since I never really drink coffee, I didn't have a clue of all the options available to me, so I just went with an Italian soda.

Some neat apartments.

Yeah, don't really want to drive behind all of that stuff.

I'm in clinic until 6pm most days, and lots of things I like to do start at 7 or so, which means I don't really have time to go home, change, and then drive back into town, so I sometimes bring clothes and just change at school.

Thursday night we played dodgeball. It's kind of the same group as volleyball, but only a few people play both, and all of the other people only play one or the other. It was a lot of fun. I tended to play really aggressively, run up close, get hit, and have to go out quickly, but I think that's much more fun than sitting back and waiting for balls to come to you.

Yay! After about 3-4 work orders, maintenance finally fixed my oven. Then again, it didn't really bother me much, but it's still nice.

I went to the Salvation Army to buy some leather pants for the Summer Sin Masquerade Ball next Saturday. They didn't have any in the men's section, but they did in the women's. None really fit well, and the pair I bought ended up being pretty tight around the waist, but they were the cheapest ones, and I might not even end up wearing them, so no use paying a lot.

The clerk and some masks they were selling at Dare Ware, which is where I bought tickets for the masquerade ball. You can buy them online, but they charge almost $10 per ticket in fees, which is insane. They also had leather pants, but they were obviously a lot more expensive than the thrift store.

A neat flame paint job.

More volleyball on Saturday.

The group that day.

A compilation video of volleyball.

Usually I play volleyball until the last person leaves, but a bunch of us left a little earlier than normal to watch UFC 100 that night. I ended up going to Skeet's BBQ in Pearland with some friends, which is a nice little place with tons of TVs and pretty good food.