2009 Jul 26 | Cirque du Soleil, pub crawl

These are my absolute favorite mechanical pencils. However, after a while, they stop holding the lead in place and it will spin around. That's completely unacceptable to me because every time I try to write it will rotate to the flat part rather than the sharp tip, which means I can't write as small.

Monday night there was a chess meeting at the West Gray Cafe. I wasn't planning on going, but a friend wanted to learn how to play chess, so I decided to meet her there and teach her.

About 10 people showed up. Most were probably better than me, but I played a few games that were fun, plus taught my friend how to play. I even won a game against the best player there. The second game we played he beat me, and then the third I almost had him but I threw away my queen. It was a pretty fun time, although I think my days of playing chess competitively are all in the past; now it's just for fun every now and then.

Arg, the copier in the medical records room at the school has been out of order a lot recently, and there are no other good places to make free copies on your own, so I have to ask Manny, the guy in the equipment room, to make me copies.

My A/C was leaking, so I stuck a bowl below it. I called the office and asked them to fix it. When I came home that night, they had cleaned the drain, but it was still dripping. Unfortunately, they had moved the bowl, so the whole floor was covered in water. Thankfully I called the next day and they fixed it.

Wednesday night we went to Cirque du Soleil. Before the show we ate at Ninfa's. However, when we got to the address, we didn't see any sign for the restaurant. We called them, and the guy who answered asked where we were. I said the cross streets, and he asked what kind of car we were in. That totally baffled me, but he said to turn right and park in the garage. When we finally got there we realized he was standing at this window and could see us.

The reason we couldn't find it was that it's actually located inside of a mall, which neither of us knew was there.

The show was really good. At first I was disappointed that there weren't many aerial performances, but at the end there were a lot. Also, the music was kind of jazzy, which didn't seem to fit, but I still liked a lot of the songs.

Thursday night we were supposed to play dodgeball. However, it was raining, so almost nobody showed up, wich was really disappointing because the courts were actually pretty dry and it wasn't raining at all in that specific part of the city.

An accident I saw on the way home. Traffic really even more jammed up during the rain, people get in accidents, and then it gets even worse.

Hmm... pre-made roast. I wonder if it's any good.

I like to snack on Frosted Mini-Wheats. They're tasty, and I can tell myself they're somewhat healthy because of the fiber. However, the store didn't have any of the normal ones, but they did have maple and brown sugar, cinammon streusel, blueberry muffin, and strawberry delight, none of which I wanted.

Someone decided to stick their milk in this fridge up front rather than haul it back after deciding they didn't want it. Kind of lazy, but at least better than the people who just leave it sitting out to be ruined.

Some Friday mornings I buy donuts for the front desk staff at the UEI.

Friday night we went to Harry Potter at the Alamo Drafthouse.

I'd never been there before, so I thought it would be interesting. You can order food and eat it during the movie. The chips and salsa weren't very good, but I liked the buffalo wings.

However, we didn't eat too much, because we went to a Thai restaurant afterwards, which was really spicy but good.

The button came off these shorts. I really like them, however, so I bought some buttons and sewed one on. Hopefully it stays for a bit.

Um, OK. For some reason Google Maps thinks I'd want to go to the Smith St in Providence, RI rather than the one in Houston.

Saturday night a bunch of us went on a pub crawl.

The first stop was the Brewery Tap.

They had darts, which I hadn't played in like 20 years, so that was fun.

The second place was La Carafe, which had this outside patio upstairs.

We spent about an hour at each bar, but I'm not a big fan of bars unless they have something to do like billiards or darts or something, so I walked around the area a bit and checked out some of the other places.

After that we went to the Flying Saucer. Here I think they were announcing someone who had just earned a plate.

We also ate there.

Oops. I was drinking an apple cider, grabbed what I thought was it without looking, and accidentally took a swig of the Pin Stripe Red Ale right beside it. Which was probably the worst-tasting beverage I have ever had, so I was drinking and eating anything I could to get the taste out of my mouth.

After that we went to Venue. They have a really neat light show and the songs are often sung live by some singers on stage, but they only play each song for around a minute and have a weird playlist which will go from 80s to reggaeton, which really throws you off. Plus, the dance floor is pretty small and most people just sit around rather than dance.

Ooh, the people sitting over there have cake. I wonder if I go and talk to them a bit if I can grab a piece.

We parked at the 1100 Smith St garage, which had really cheap parking.

However, they didn't have an attendant at the exit that late and you had to pay with cash or quarters. I wonder how people who don't have cash in small bills on them get out.