2009 Aug 02 | blackout party, bowling, dodge/VB

Whoops. The sign had fallen down and someone tried to use this visual fields machine. Until it started smoking, that is.

This hole puncher hasn't been cleaned out in a while.

I got the brakes replaced at Meineke, which has been good in the past.

I went to a different location, though, and wasn't very happy. First the warranty didn't state it was life-long, which he had told me, so I had him write it on and sign it. Then I noticed they hadn't even put all the nuts back on; the top-left one is missing. Also, they used different nuts that aren't capped, so the front and back tires are mismatched. I ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying some other nuts so they would all be the same.

I like these cheap washcloths from Wal-Mart from cleaning. However, they've always been in pastels only, which is kind of drab and depressing. Now it looks like they got bright and happy colors, too, which is nice.

I like these pre-made cookies for when I'm feeling lazy, but I can never fit them all on the pan, so I have to eat like four cookies worth of dough, and then I'm really not hungry for cookies any more.

These TV dinners have been sitting in a fridge at school for quite a while now. I wonder if whoever brought them forgot about them or if they're just for backups in case they forget their lunch some time.

That is a huge head.

I hit my thumb and the cuticle split apart, which was annoying. Now it's fallen off, but the cuticle still hasn't grown back, so I'm always kind of worried something might slip it's way up under there and into my thumb.

I hate one-dollar bills, so this was about the worst change I've ever received.

I'm getting rather sick of hearing about this fair trade group on campus. Fair trade is similar to the minimum wage: there's not a lot of evidence that it's particularly good or bad, and there's good economic theory for both sides, so people who strongly believe either way annoy me because they're ignoring half of the evidence. However, if you actually want to help poor people, fair trade is almost certain not the best way to do it because the companies that sell fair items keep about 80-90% of the markup, and it would be much better to buy the cheap stuff and give that money directly to poor people instead of the rich American company acting as a middleman.

My right blinker decided to go into fast mode for a while. I wonder why blinkers always go at the same fast pace when they go on the fritz.

Thursday night was a blackout / underwear party at South Beach. The idea was they'd have all the lights turned off and everybody would have flashlights, which sounded really fun.

Well, they didn't turn off all the lights, most people weren't in their underwear, and they weren't playing the best music (more top 40s than techno). It was still fun, though, because some people did dress up and they had some dance-off with audience members spraying the dancers down with water.

Friday night a big group of us went bowling, which I have done maybe two or three times in the past 20 years.

As shown by my score (the top one). The people in our lane were mostly about my level, with the exception of Mike, who pretty much doubled the score of everyone else, so that made it more fun. Plus, he made up funny nicknames for everyone.

Saturday at 7pm we had dodgeball, but a bunch of us wanted to play volleyball, too, so we ended up doing that at 5pm. Normally we have a ton of the same people for volleyball, but this time it was only about six of us and we played with six other people who just happened to show up, so we got to play with new people, and they were all really fun.

Ooh, that's cute.

This is Eduardo, my new favorite clerk. He works at the food station at Wal-Mart and is always really nice and helpful and talkative.

He really wants you to know it's a Honda.

I went to Whole Foods to look for some cheese for a party and remembered why I don't really like the place: it's all expensive organic stuff for rich full-of-themselves hippies. Veggie protein strips that are bacon style? Blech.

Sunday we played volleyball again, this time with more of the regulars.

There were also six other guys who showed up who were from some other country and wanted to play as a team rather than mix up the groups. Plus, they were a little more interested in winning than just enjoying the game. I prefer to play with less competitive people and intermingle and meet new people, but it was still fun, and we actually played past dark.

A video of bowling, dodgeball, and volleyball clips.

After that I ran to Brompton Court for another BBQ / pool party. It was pretty late, but Steve was just finishing up his food, so it worked out well.