2009 Aug 30 | Pitbull concert, LUMA Light Show

Ooh, not a good idea to go to Wal-Mart the Sunday before the first day of school. I feel sorry for the workers who have to put away all the items left up at the cash registers.

The first few days of school, traffic is really bad coming in to UH. Hopefully it clears up a little as people figure out where they need to go.

Practicing with the new electronic medical records system in lab. There's actually a title of "Master"? I wonder if that's a joke.

Want people to show up at your meeting? Advertise free pizza.

They put some optical illusions in the front of the University Eye Clinic. I've always love the dragon one whose head seems to follow you around.

I'm not really sure what "fudgy" and "cakey" mean. I'm assuming softer and harder, but they went with prettier-sounding words rather than informative.

Oh, that's nice. I hope this doesn't happen to often. At least it's just the bus trying to turn left after being in the right lane rather than an accident.

The Pitbull, LMFAO, and Paradiso Girls concert was Friday night. The doors opened at 7pm and the show started at 8pm. I got out of clinic and headed straight there and was the first one there 5pm. I wandered around a bit, came back around 5:30pm, and these girls where in had started a line. I was rather terrified at the thought of having to listen to high school girls for over an hour, but thankfully they weren't too bad.

They brought a few snacks.

By 6:15pm the line really wasn't that much longer; I thought it would be.

A promoter giving out wristbands to see the bands.

This girl bugged him for over an hour trying to get a wristband to see Pitbull; eventually she got one. I was thinking you could just buy a bunch of different-colored wristbands beforehand and then put on whichever color they were giving out, but they had some sort of shiny sticker on them to prevent that.

Front and almost-center.

The reserved seats are actually more expensive, even though they're farther back. I guess if you don't want to get squished they're OK, but the crowd really wasn't very pushy at all.

A couple of guys who came on first.

Wow, is he tall. I guess he doesn't have to worry about being in front. I was actually standing in front of a few women who were pretty short, so I kept squeezing over to make room for them in the front.

Next the Paradiso Girls came on. The security guy with the shaved head showed the least emotion out of all of them, but he got excited about something right here.

They did a lot of standing around looking pretty...

... strutting around...

... and a little sexy acrobatics.

However, they only sang two songs and then left the stage. Even the security guards were looking around asking if that was it.

Then LMFAO came on. I'd never heard of them but they actually ended up being the most entertaining performance of the night.

This guy just danced around; he didn't do any singing.

The two main singers.

All three of them.

Periodically they'd jump down from the stage and be right by the audience.

They pulled this girl out of the audience and brought her up on stage. Unfortunately, she was pretty boring; she didn't dance much at all. We kept yelling they should get her off and let someone else go up.

The non-singer guy tended to strike lots of poses.

The two singers even jumped into the audience and surfed around for a while.

I'm not sure what exactly happened here (somebody said the guy in the hat pulled a girl's hair), but security came out and sorted it out.

And last was Pitbull.

I think he should keep the sunglasses and coat on; he looks kind of goofy without them.

He was still pretty entertaining and got the crowd going.

Arg, the most annoying part of the evening. Tickets were $25, but if you bought them at the box office, there was an additional $5 in fees, and if you bought them online, there was an additional $10 in fees. However, I found an ad on Craigslist where a girl had bought a 4-pack (which were cheaper and not available any more) but couldn't go anymore, so I bought them from her for $90, which was a really good savings per ticket.

However, two of the people who were planning on going backed out on Friday morning, so I put an ad on Craigslist to sell those tickets, and then the other person who was going to go cancelled, too. Thankfully a lot of people had emailed me about the tickets, so I got them all sold, but it was still a pain. In the end, I had 26 incoming texts, about the same number of outgoing, and a fair number of phone calls to finalized the ticket sales.

I like to take my clinic coat to this little dry cleaning place. It's only a few bucks, and the woman actually remembers me, even though I don't do it more than once a month (the rest of the time, I just throw it in the laundry).

A Black Jesus and Disciples painting at Wal-Mart, which was a little weird to see there. Actually, that's probably closer to their real color, although maybe a little more brown than black.

I guess you can buy stamps at Wal-Mart, but you can only do so at the money center, and there's always a huge line there. I guess I'll just go to the Post Office. Hmm... I wonder if Walgreens or somewhere else sells them.

I had actually bought lunch inside, but when I was coming out I noticed this tent where they were selling a hot dog, chips, Dr. Pepper, and a brownie for $1. That was too good to pass up, so I ate that for lunch and saved what I had originally bought for lunch for a snack right before volleyball.

After lunch I helped SVOSH sort a ton of frames which had been donated to the school and were going to be used for service trips.

We sorted them into metal, plastic, kids, sports, and readers.

Most of them just had plastic demo lenses, but a few actually had prescriptions, like these which were also tinted.

DJ and Juan spiking and blocking a ball.

Yeah, he's really good, too.

A shot of both courts.

After volleyball I went to the LUMA light show at Miller Outdoor Theater. The show started at 8pm and I got there around 7:45. There was already almost no parking to be found. I ended up parking across the golf course right by this apartment complex; I figured it would be an easy landmark to find the Jeep in the dark after the show.

And the hill was already pretty much full.

I didn't know this, but for some performances the seats are still free, but they're reserved. You can show up earlier in the day and get tickets to them. Then, five minutes before the show starts, all unclaimed seats are opened up to whoever can get them. I ended up sitting right at the front of the hill, but it's a good thing to remember for future shows that do that.

Blankets are supposed to be on the right and chairs are supposed to be on the left. I guess that's a good idea, although I don't know how strictly it's followed. Then again, the security guards are really strict about enforcing certain rules, like no flash photography and no walking on the flowers between the seats and the hill; they'll shine a flashlight on you and yell at you.

The performances were pretty, funny, and interesting. This one was called Bots. Water Dream, Stick to the Beat, and Heart Beat were good, too. The "guy" in green was the main character.