2009 Sep 06 | vision screening, Howl at the Moon

One of the nice benefits of being a student: you can get computer programs for $15 instead of $400.

Dr. Bergmanson's elective is on Monday night. He's a funny guy, so he came in, saw everyone sitting in the back, and said, "Yes, nobody is allowed to sit in the front three rows."

Tuesday night we went to Avant Garden to listen to some jazz.

I still have some weird spots from where the ants bit me quite a while ago. I don't know exactly what kind they were, but they were nasty.

Thankfully the part of I-45 I take isn't so bad, even during rush hour.

Aw, man, that's one light you never want to see: the check engine light.

I had class from 8am-8pm on Tuesday, so I couldn't get the Jeep in then, but on Wednesday class doesn't start until 10am, so I took it to a nearby Meineke. This guy was there and said he would take a look at it.

While I was waiting, the other people who were also waiting said how good he was and how he had said they only needed a little part after the dealers said they needed some $3000 repair, so that made me feel a little better.

I thought he was only going to run the diagnostic on it, come in, tell me what was wrong and the price, and see if I wanted to fix it, but he drove it into the garage and put it on the lift. After a little while he came in, put this piece of hose on the counter, said it was a vacuum leak, he had fixed it, and that it would be $50. I was worried it would be a lot more, so I was really happy with the whole process. Alan is my new go-to guy for repairs.

That is definitely over 20 items. I think if you hit the limit of the speedy check-outs, the cashier should stop, make you pay, and have someone take your other items back to the shelves. Dirty cheaters.

Thursday night we had a vision screening at the rec center. Here they're checking the internal health of the back of the eye.

Doing loose-lens retinoscopy, which is basically getting an idea of their prescription. I always get stuck doing this.

Cover test, looking for eye misalignments.

At this car wash, there is a little "gun" that you can use to shoot water and "help" clean the cars.

Aw, I always liked to get the little individual pieces of carrot cake, but now they changed them into these bigger pieces that don't look nearly as good.

Ooh, all of those looks yummy.

Eight pieces of chicken for $5. Heck, I can get three meals out of that, so it's too good of a deal to pass up.

Not sure exactly what happened here, but I'm guessing the one semi broke down and they're bringing in another one to haul the load.

Friday night we went to Benjy's on Washington. They had this nice little outdoor patio we could sit at while waiting for our table.

The food was pretty good, and the atmosphere was more "younger people out having fun," whereas the Benjy's in Rice Village has a more upscale feel.

After that we went to Howl at the Moon. Here the guy is getting different sections of the crowd to out-yell each other to get free drinks.

Our section won, but only this table got the drinks. That's not fair.

They're constantly bringing people up on stage and singing songs about them.

And sometimes all the workers go up and sing along, too.

The cops arresting some guy on the walk from the bar to the car. It's not the worst neighborhood in Houston, but it's definitely not the best, either.

Aww, the bag I've used forever to haul laundry detergent and Downy in finally developed a big enough hole that I can't use it any more.

A negative-feedback loop: when you eat too many chips, your hand gets too fat to fit in the container, and you can't eat any more chips. Well, except you can just dump them out. But it's a nice idea.

Marian digging a ball at volleyball on Saturday.

Sarah brought her puppy, Gizmo, who really wanted to play and kept tugging at his leash. Although I think at one point he got hit by a stray ball.

Ginger Man after volleyball.

Sunday afternoon we had another BBQ and pool party. A giant rain cloud was slowly moving by, and it rained a little bit, but thankfully most of the time the sky was clear.

We had fewer people than usual, but it was still fun.