2009 Sep 13 | Fung's Kitchen, Etro, Numbers

Monday we went to Fung's Kitchen, which has dim sum. They push carts around and you pick off what you like. Steven got some others and said we had to try them before he'd tell us what it was. We all guessed liver, but it was actually pig's blood. The chicken's feet were rather difficult to eat as well.

Ugh, this is the worst I've ever seen it backed up here.

It actually took 26 minutes to get to school on I-45. Considering the normal drive time is 17 +/- 3 minutes, that was way out of line.

So I've been trying to fix my laptop on and off for months. When I finally figured out to take it into the school (since it would be much cheaper), they said it was a hardware problem and I should send it back to Dell. I had assumed the warranty was up, but they checked online (which I never thought to do) and said it was still under warranty, so I shipped it back to Dell. Hopefully they'll fix it, especially because it seems to be a hardware problem.

I have six umbrellas: A smaller one in the Jeep, a big golf one in the Jeep, one in each of my two school backpacks, one I leave in my locker at school, and one I leave in my apartment. So hopefully I'm prepared for rain.

When the lots get full, people start to jam in anywhere they can fit.

At first I thought this was a part of sidewalk they forgot to finish, but now I'm thinking it might just be for drainage. But I think they have grates scattered around the lot, so I'm not sure.

Aw, the dishwasher melted my food chopper. I love this thing.

For some reason they always go into the back to get plain glaze rather than just picking them from the ones up front. It actually makes me not want to select them, but I figure they're too popular to not.

And I run into a train on the way to school. Thankfully I left early and wasn't in any rush to get to school. The train took 6 minutes, BTW.

Friday night we headed to Montrose to go clubbing. I forgot how bad the sidewalks here are. I wonder how many people get drunk and trip over them, or even trip over them when they're sober.

Man, I even have to duck under trees.

Yard of the month?

OK, so they have some nice flowers along the house...

... but the yard itself is just, uh, grass. Maybe I don't know anything about yards, but it seems pretty boring to me. And I'm willing to bet these people don't mow their own lawn, so if the award is for the grass, they should give it to the yard service workers instead.

Ooh, I parked by a jasmine bush. I love the smell of jasmine.

Tree vs sidewalk, tree wins.

First we went to Etro, which had pretty good 80s music.

Then we went to Numbers, which played, hmmm... more weird 80s music.

The music wasn't really my style, but the crowd was really diverse. There were ravers and goths and older people and who knows what else.

Saturday morning we had a Practice Management workshop. They used to start earlier, but now they start at 10am, which is perfect because I can listen to Car Talk on the way there.


We were planning on going to a gun range to shoot pistols, but they didn't rent them out any more, so we played pool instead.

Another fun evening of volleyball. It was kind of rainy all day and some people in the group were going bowling instead, so not as many people showed up. I kind of liked that, though; I don't like it when it gets full and people rotate (I prefer sitting out a game to rotating).

Just barely in. I think. I'm not really sure about the exact rules.