It's been a while since I've added pictures because there's not nearly as much going on in the winter as in the summer. I guess the freezing cold drives everybody into their homes. :)

If you let your truck get too dirty, all kinds of people will apparently write on it.

Jimmy Carter was doing signings for his new book starting at 5pm. I called up the bookstore and asked them if he would still be there at about 6:30pm since I wouldn't get off of work until about 6:15 and then I'd have to walk over there. They said yes, so I reserved a copy. I got there at about 6:25, just in time to get a picture of him leaving. At least the bookstore was really nice about refunding my money.

At the Metreon, the big theater in San Francisco, they have this screen thingy on the floor which you can interact with. This kick is kicking a virtual soccer ball around.

The library has these nice little cards and pencils beside the catalog computers, which makes it really easy to write down the call numbers of books. No more "was it or"

A neat green car. Even the windows are tinted.

My new computer. I was holding out for ~3.0 GHz, 1GB RAM, ~250GB HD, etc, but I couldn't find anything like that in my price range. I was surfing around on the internet and found out that CompUSA was having their big sale (I think they have 2 a year), so I ran over there. The computer I wanted was sold out, but that was on Monday, and the sale was going on through Saturday. So I went back on Saturday, and they had a couple more back in stock. This computer is normally $750, but I got it for $500. Well, I will, if the rebates ever come.

An interesting bike.

Apparently they need a traffic cop when this church has services. It is on a busy street (San Pablo), but you'd still think the crosswalk would be enough. Guess not.

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I think the guy in the headlock was trying to steal a purse. A couple of people stopped him, and the other guy sat on him until the cops arrived.

Wal-Mart thinks these brushes are for cooking. I don't know of many cooking brushes that have 2" written on them.

I don't have the slightest clue what these things are for. Why not just use a blender? But they are on sale.

I got really bored waiting in line, starting looking around, and realized I was the only white person waiting in all of the lines. I really don't pay attention to race much at all, but that kind of surprised me. On the Bart to work, I counted the people in my car, and about 1/2 were white, a little under 1/4 were black, a little under 1/4 were Asian, and there was a smattering of others, like Russian and Indian. People tend to be pretty skin-color blind here, except in where they live; people of the same color really cluster together in some areas.

Ways to tell you're in a Mexican neighborhood in Oakland #1. The Mexicans have a monopoly on the whole "hauling stacks and stacks of cardboard in pickups with wooden panels added to the bed so more cardboard can be hauled" business. I don't know where they get it or where they take it, but they're the only ones who do it.

And #2 (the green sign).

Lots of people read on their lunch break at Embarcadero Center when it's nice outside.

Party on the roof.