2009 Sep 27 | Himmapan Thai, FP Best of Houston

This guy was the biggest creeper I've ever seen. Lots of people tend to creep forward at red lights, but this guy was behind the thick white line right in front of me when he stopped and got all the way across the train tracks and almost halfway through the intersection before the light turned green.

Sigh, people at school clogging up the sink.

Not bad, but my mom made one much better!

I want to get some nice sunglasses, but the ones on top are my current $10 gas-station ones and the ones on bottom are the expensive Raybans I could get really cheaply from school, and they're way too light for me. I keep forgetting to ask if they can make them darker instead.

The going-away dinner for Nathan (who organized the dodgeball and volleyball group and is now moving) at El Tiempo Cantina.

Himmapan: 2nd World at Avant Garden with Thai singers and dancers.

Unfortunately, the neighbors kept complaining and so the bartender had to tell the guys to stop playing. Honestly, you live in Montrose and it's not even 10pm; the cops should have told the neighbors to quit whining.

Who knew that dodgeballs could cut you up.

Thursday night was the HoustonPress' Best of Houston Bash at Lucky's Pub. There was a big line outside before the doors opened, so I wandered around until it died down.

While wandering, I came across this traffic control box. It clicked really loudly whenever a light changed. I don't think I've noticed that before anywhere else, so either I don't pay much attention to things like that or else this one was weird.

By the patio at Lucky's there were some trucks set up. The one on the left was selling ice cream...

... and the one on the right had video games (it was a company where you could rent the van). Inside were games like Halo and football...

... and outside they had Rock Band set up.

There was also free beer.

I think these are the Lucky's Pub girls or something.

Upstairs they also had Rock Band.

Molly and the Ringwalds was playing.

I felt sorry for the photographer, who always takes pictures of people but never gets any of himself, so I told him to stand between the gogo girls for a picture. Then I took one of the same compsition but with his camera instead.

Flip cup.

Lots of free appetizers to nibble on.

We didn't stay too long, so we went to Slick Willie's afterwards. I love the little video games on the bars, especially the "find the difference between the picture" ones, so it always annoys me when people sit in front of them and don't play them when they could sit anywhere else instead.

Lots of games at this coffee shop, but no chess???

I like how the monitors have frames to look like paintings.

I wanted to go to the student health center to get a flu shot. However, this parking lot was under construction.

This one only had reserved spots.

And when I got lucky and just happened to have someone pull out of one of the four free parking spots in front of student health, I found out it was free HIV testing day when I walked in, so the place was packed. Maybe I can get the shot next week.

Our Sunday lectures were pretty boring and not particularly relevant, so most of the people were watching TV shows or movies on their laptops, surfing the 'net on their iPhones, or studying other classes.

The lecturer did keep it kind of interesting, though, like when he did a fast general neuro eval on Bryan.

Volleyball on Saturday. Poor Marian walked on lots of pinecones or rocks or something when she went to get this ball; she kept saying, "Ow ow ow" every time she stepped.

She's working pretty hard here, too.

Ooh, these face-offs at the net are fun.

This is why I love this group. When someone makes a mistake, every laughs about it rather than get angry.

Some of the guys can really get up in the air.

Last year I got some nice glasses with clip-ons for driving in the sun. The clip-ons are way too light, and it's a bit of a pain to switch them around, so on the rare occasions I wear my glasses and it's bright outside, I have these $10 gas station sunglasses to throw over them. Sigh.

What to Dodge Vipers have in common with semis? They both have big tires that throw up lots of debris. I couldn't figure out what all the clicking noises were until I realized they were rocks hitting the windshield.

Slow day at the kiosk = watching soccer on a laptop.

I was completely confused as to what "Oretro" meant until I figured out it was "8.0 Retro" for the 80s retro music room at Dance Houston.