2009 Oct 04 | Kemah car show, Korean Festival

More interesting glasses in dispensary. These had been welded together by the guy a while ago. Definitely made him sign the "I'm not responsible if I snap your specs while attempting to adjust them" release.

Angled outlets kind of make sense, I guess, but they still look weird.

A giant storm all over Houston with this one little patch of sunlight.

Something comes and gets at volleybal after the sun goes down. Someone mentioned sand fleas, and after researching them, I don't think that's it, but it's definitely some nasty little biting bug.

Pretty sure I wouldn't hang off a roof like that even if I was tied on or someone was holding my legs.

Practicing pediatrics on real pediatric patients.

I like one certain kind, and for some reason it disappears every now and then, so when I see it, I buy a bunch of them.

Sigh, I knew I shouldn't have pulled it out of the packaging. Now I'll never get it back in there...

... ah hah! I can just untape and retape it. Nice.

Wonderful. All of the computerized eye charts decided to expire on October 1st. One thing I really like about Dr. Gee is that instead of just running around asking for help, he gets in there and fixes things.

In the meantime, we stuck the old charts on top of the monitors.

Dr. Gee called someone who explained how to fix the problem. Which was kind of cheating; we just went into this file and reset the expiration date for a few years into the future instead of yesterday.

Hmm, what are all these little flags doing where we play dodgeball?

Ooh, lots of runners.

I wonder who thought it was a good idea to sent them through this horrible bottleneck of a set of trees.

Playing in the open field without fences to stop the balls wasn't so bad; the grass actually stopped the balls from going too far.

Tour De Hood? What in the world is that? The only thing I can find is bicycling event, but it's kind of an iffy name.

Just drive behind this guy, wait for a bump, and grab whatever falls out.

Friday evening we went to Genji, a Japanese restaurant. They also had karaoke, but most of the songs were in Korean. Some of the friends we were with could sing them, but us white guys didn't have a clue.

Idiot bikers on a highway. You're just asking for a hospital stay.

Saturday morning was a classic car show in Kemah. There weren't very many cars, but it was fun to see the ones that were there.

One of my favorites.

A cute little convertible.

Those are some big rear tires.

I like the black pickup.

A little dune buggy type thing.

I went to the bank to get some quarters, and I also had a $100 bill that I wanted to get $20s for. While I was getting the quarters, a guy beside me wanted his change in $100s rather than $20s. His teller said she didn't have any $100s, but I said I had one, so he got his $20s and we traded. I think teller was a little uneasy about our side deal, but it worked out for both of us. What are the chances of us being in the bank at the same time like that?

There are two blinkers in the front on each side of the Jeep, and the big one on the right side went out. Which I learned about after the blinker started blinking fast. I didn't know what that meant, so I searched for it online, and apparently it means some blinker somewhere is not working. I got a new bulb and put it in, but that didn't work, so I wonder what else it could be.

I wanted a fishing-rod holder so I could put an umbrella in it to keep my camera dry during volleyball. Wal-Mart didn't have any, which really surprised me. It worked out, though; I just kept the camera under a tree.

The Korean festival was also on Saturday. All of the performances were on this stage. Here's a woman singing and playing an instrument.

I didn't really like the MC. She was really overdoing the whole "fluctuating your voice and emphasizing words to make it sounds interesting" thing.

The shows were inside of the Houston Community College performing arts center. Which, apparently, used to be an AMC theater.


More dancers.

Little girl dancers.


Little boy dancers.

Fan dancers.

Traditional dancers.

It was pretty full. Not packed, but it was hard to find a seat. They had a couple of handicapped seats so your friend in a wheelchair can sit beside you, although a lot of times nobody in a wheelchair is there. In this case, though, there was someone, but these people just kept sitting where they were.

Taekwondo. The guy just about to kick it was really good. He actually kicked the pad out of the instructor's hand.

Breaking boards.

Tiny kids breaking boards.

Hey, those don't look like the helicopters that usually fly above the highways to give traffic reports.

Grr... I got a nice booth with nobody around us, and then these guys sat in the next one, even though there were plenty of other places open.

Ooh, an unmarked door. Those are always fun.

Marian and Jaclyn had just finished a brewery tour before volleyball, so they were very, uh, happy while playing.

Nice dig by Marian.


It had rained a lot before we started and it was raining on and off while playing. The near court had a big water hole in the middle of the left side, so when we switched teams, everyone ran to not have to play there.