2009 Oct 11 | Bayou City Arts Fest, Turkish Fest

One downside to playing volleyball in the sand: it gets all over the Jeep.

Bibas, which had pretty decent food.

I noticed this price scanner in a Whole Foods. They would be hard to find, though, but I noticed high up on the pole is a wireless routers, so I thought it might be easier to look for that as others would also have price scanners under them.

However, this was the only other one I could find, and the router was much lower, so that strategy wouldn't work at all.

This was sad. The kid is a -12.00, which we would pretty much always want to get in polycarbonate to make the lenses thinner and lighter. However, for whatever reason, they were in a hurry when they ordered and the mother refused poly, so they made them out of CR-39 instead, resulting in really thick lenses. If I would have written that order up, I almost would have paid for the upgrade out of my own pocket.

Monday night we went to Beer Island, a bar a friend had recommended. It was pretty hot in the more "inside" area, but out here with a breeze and a fan it wasn't so bad.

And the bartender even did this to my hot dog.

The hot dog wasn't very good, though, and I had seen this bum kind of hanging out around the place, so I decided to give it to him. He had wandered over by this tree, and I was giving him the hot dog, I noticed he was peeing. I kind of wanted to hold the hot dog for him since he might want to use two hands, but I didn't really want to touch it any more, so I just said, "You're welcome" after he said, "Thanks" and went back to the bar.

There was a really good game on between the Vikings with Farve and Green Bay, so that was fun to watch.

I think I spent about an hour trying to get this bulb in the projector to sit correctly. It was being really finnicky and if I wasn't in at just the right angle it wouldn't stay on or else it would have shadows all over.

Thursday night we went to Discovery Green to watch a zydeco band. I didn't have time to run home and eat, so I wandered over to the Home Plate Bar and Grill by Minute Maid Park to grab some food. It was empty except for this server, and he was just sitting there watching soccer matches on his laptop. What a nice job.

Heh, I love how blatantly sexist this is.

I don't think they're supposed to have notices covered up by others.

Sometimes it's nice to just lie down and watch the clouds go by.

A group of guys playing flag football.

Our food, which I thought was really good.

The band playing. I have some folding chairs I pretty much always keep in the Jeep, but I don't really like them because they wrap around you and get me all hot, so I prefer to just sit on the grass.

The air hand dryers in the bathrooms there. They said they're the "most hygienic hand dryer," but when it started, the air pushed my hand into the side of it before I could react, so I probably just touched the same spot tons of other people's hands had. Doesn't sound like the most hygienic to me.

The fountains, where kids are always playing.

Some of the neater globes people had made.

I always like peeking in the windows of the George R Brown convention center to see what they're setting up for.

No idea what this is for, but I'm sure not standing on it.

We're planning on going to a 70s style roller skating party, so I found some pictures of that style and printed them out so I could look at them in the thrift stores. Otherwise I'd never remember exactly what I was looking for.

Ooh, cheap pizza on the same night I was planning on getting pizza anyway.

My brand new floss was all jammed up. Thankfully it was easy to fix.

Saturday morning I went to the school to get my lenses because Jeannie got some new glasses and was having problems with them, so I was going to check different options and see what worked before she actually had them remade. I forgot they were installing this new sliding door, but thankfully they let me sneak by them.

Saturday I went to the Bayou City Arts Festival. This was the door to the parking lot I parked in. Why wouldn't they let you re-enter here? It's not like they ever lock the normal entrance which is 20 feet away.

Some neat, uh, things at the Bayou City Arts Festival.

Clothing paintings.

Glass art.

Some singers on the stage.

Not sure exactly how to describe these paintings, but I liked them.

Bright and colorful.

These mechanical sculptures were really cool.


ooh, what's that?

Home-made kaleidoscopes; fun.

Some more neat art; mostly cityscapes done in metal.

Some more.

Wow, there are a ton of windows those guys have to clean. I bet they probably clean the first ten really well and then just get through the rest as quickly as possible without really worrying about the quality. At least, that's what I'd probably end up doing.

Metal sculptures.

At the end of every set of booths, someone was making sidewalk art.

After that I went to the Turkish Festival. It was especially nice because it was only about two blocks away. And look; the have doners; I haven't seen that word since I was in Germany.

They had a few different restaurants, and I got a little bit from all of them.

It was a bit expensive, but I did get a ton of lamb.



A "couple" dancing, which was really funny.

Some of the crowd.

They had a ton of security there for some reason.

Saturday when we play volleyball we can usually smell them baking bread here, which always smells so good. Unfortunately, they're closed by then, so we can't just run over and grab some after we're done playing.

I looked for 70s sports clothing in a few different thrift shops but didn't see anything great, so I stopped by Way We Were, which supposedly had lots of old-school costumes. They did have these disco shirts, but they were $50, so that was way out of my price range for a one-time event.

Yeah, teach your kids to bike on really busy and really curvy roads. Brilliant.

Volleyball was fun as always.

A little colder this time, but we still had lots of players.

And dodgeball on Sunday, with a fair number of new people.

Another shot.

We noticed this dog at the park both days. I guess it's a stray. Maybe I can remember to bring it some food next time, poor thing.