2009 Oct 18 | Haunted Trails, Festa Italiana

Aw, someone had their snack stolen by the machine. There was even a rolled-up newspaper in the slot, probably from them trying to swat it down.

The automatic beverage filler at the drive-through in McDonald's.

I hate being behind motorcyles. I'm terrified they'll tip over and I'll run over the driver.

I think this cop was here to try to get people to slow down. However, he was taking up an entire lane that most of the cars are usually in, so he's actually might end up creating an accident.

Playing the "how many people with all of their equipment can we stuff into the elevator" game.

I saw movement along the ground and couldn't figure out what it was at first. I finally realized it was an ant carrying a giant (in comparison to the ant) winged insect. There's no way that's gonna fit in your ant hole, little guy. Although I guess you can all chop it up outside, and then you'd be like a caveman bringing in a mammoth all by yourself. I hope all his ant friends were very impressed. If ants can have that feeling, that is.

The server and I missed each other when she handed me my change and it fell on the ground. I said no problem; it was just a nickel. She said there was a quarter down there, and sure enough, someone had dropped one earlier. I never keep anything less than a quarter, but I was considering getting out and grabbing just that. Then I thought about how clean that area probably was and decided 25 cents wasn't worth risking catching whatever diseases were all over it.

I went in for an eye exam Friday morning. We have to do certain procedures on our "real" patients, but since I was now a "real" patient, my classmates could get checked off on me. The hardest one is scleral depression, where you basically jam a stick along the outside of the patient's eyeball and then press it in to see more anterior parts of their retina when looking in. It usually doesn't hurt, but it's definitely not comfortable, and since we don't do it much, it takes us a bit more prodding and wiggling to get it right, so most patients don't like it. I sat through five of my classmates doing it on me so they could get checked off, and was rewarded with this nice red mark on my lid. Oh, and my eyes were dry the rest of the day, heh.

Wow, this is horrible. I couldn't imagine driving west during sunset every day if work got done around that time.

Kind of hard to see, but this is just part of a gigantic play area in the Heights.

Some kind of lion costume on their upper porch, and the scary part is that I don't think it's even for Halloween.

Friday night we went to the Haunted Trails.

For parking, you just drive over the curb onto the grass. The curb is pretty high, so I wonder if anybody ever scrapes up the bottom of their car.

What's cool about it is that it's actually out in the woods and you go along a trail. We weren't scared at all, but you go in groups of around eight people, and these girls were terrified, which made it much more fun. Although we never did figure out if they were really scared or just faking it. I mean, come on; is anybody that age actually scared of this?

Well, if they're just faking it, they fake it well.

Giving the stove a good thorough cleaning and lo and behold, the button I've been missing for months.

I've been without a neighbor to my side for a few months now, and it's been wonderful. Now a couple moved in. Actually, they're pretty good; she actually asked me if their music was too loud when I walked outside one day, and I usually don't even hear it. Although on Saturdays they crank the volume and the bass way up. It makes it pretty much impossible for me to study in my apartment then, but I figure I can give them one day to enjoy it since they're good the rest of the time.

There are a ton of heads in that vehicle.

Kind of a neat car.

Saturday we went paintballing. See those kids talking to us? Yeah, we were terrified of them. We didn't stand a chance.

The worst is when you hear the paintballs hitting the wood behind you. They hit really loudly, and your brain says, "No way am I going to move and risk getting hit by that."

Playing capture the flag on a different field.

This might be a sissy way to play, but since I was on defense, it worked.

Standing around after getting shot.

The guy in the white shirt was hilarious. Everybody else was in dark and tried to stay behind cover; he ran out into the middle of the field yelling. I think he got shot 5-6 times.

Aw, I got shot in the head, too.

Ooh, that one didn't even hit the armor.

I didn't take too much video because I didn't want to be shot in the hand.

The stray dog in Spotts Park. I brought some food from Burger King for him.

And someone else brought actual dog food.


"Come on! Push!"

Marian seems to always get the digs.

We went to Star Pizza afterwards. It was really good, and you can get the pizzas either New York or Chicago style.

Festa Italiana on Sunday. Parking in a garage was only $2, but I found this spot that was less than a block away. Talk about luck.


Hmm... it wouldn't be too hard to drive in with a pick-up, throw a chain around this, and drive away, so I'm guessing they don't put a whole ton of cash in these.

Might as well try the Italian beer.

Eating as festivals is pretty expensive, especially because they're sneaky about it by selling you tickets that you exchange for food.


$50 for a wine tasting is a little too expensive for me.

Marionette show.

Children's grape stomp competition.


Two people practicing volleyball. Setting up that little fence is smart.

Playing chess before dodgeball. The picnic tables have chess boards but no pieces. It would be nice to have those already there, too, but I'm sure they would get stolen constantly.

Ooh, someone left a bunch of full beer cans lying around. Think they're safe to drink? I decided to err on the side of caution and leave them.

There's this little horn thingy at the playground. I know it's so you can talk into it and hear it on the other side, but I never knew where the other one was...

... until I saw some kids talking to each other through them.

I like playing on the grass instead of the tennis courts.

Four one one. "One, two, three, throw!"

People sitting along the Waugh bridge, I'm guessing to watch the bats.