2009 Oct 25 | haunted house, Special Olympics

I wonder what percentage of the article numbers are actually correct. If it were me, I'd just start making numbers up and have them look it up by name.

What they really need is a list of vehicles types and at what height of water they will die at.

Dr. Parker reviewing contact lenses with us before clinic.

We had a noon meeting and they passed around cookies. Then more. Then more. I think I ate more cookies than my main meal.

You can't have a shirt with writing on the back and long hair that covers it up.

The cart corral is like 15 feet away. Come on, people.

Hmm, this tire was a little low. I wonder if that can just happen once or if I'll have to keep refilling forever.

We went to a haunted house Thursday night. This was the Texas Chainsaw Maze, where they guys got pretty aggressive, although they never touched us. Well, one guy did once, but then he broke character and said sorry.

There were actually three sections at the same place.

Plastic walls you could see through with some sections missing so this guy could jump through and come after you.

This was pretty cool. The outer part of the room spun and the walkway swung back and forth. Without the flash, it was really dark and there were lights spinning around with the outer part.

Saturday morning I got up at 6am to drive to College Station to help with the Special Olympics. I left my neater map at home, so I made this one while driving, which explains the super-messy writing.

You know the stories of the idiots who put diesel in their cars? Well, they must really work hard to do so because I tried. Well, actually, I just grabbed the wrong handle and kept trying to shove it in because it was too big. Even then, though, I still would have pressed the 87 button and figured it out when no gas came out.

Sunrise on the drive to College Station.

Stay with the pack and stay in the middle. That way it's much harder for cops to pick you out.

Checking internals.

Cover test.


IOPs and slit lamp.

We even did a few refractions so the kids could pick out frames and order glasses that day.

I never knew why people would talk about College Station until today, when I realized Texas A&M is there. Yeah, I'm not much of a Texan.

Sunday they unveiled the scholarship wall, where individuals who had donated money for scholarships had plaques. Many of them were there as well, so it was nice to put a face to the name of the scholarship.

They had punch and champagne.

And some really good appetizers.

I've always wanted to do something like this around Halloween but never though the hassle of possibly having some nut call the cops was worth it.

Store-bought costumes are for the unimaginative.

Oh for Pete's sake; a Michael Jackson wall.

We went to Hermann Park to play a few games of chess. It was a beautiful day, though, so the parking lots were completely packed. Rather than play the "sit in a row until someone backs out" game, though, I just drove out a bit and parked on the side of the road.

Ooh, an open spot in front of me. I should stand in it and make someone pay me to move so they can park there.

I parked by the rose garden, this other garden, and a little gazebo, none of which I knew were there.

The little train at the park.

Lots of kids playing on the hill.

A bit hard to see, but there was a collision on the highway in one of the middle lanes. A lot of places you're supposed to move the cars out of the lanes of traffic, but if you do that, how will the cops know what actually happened? You'd think the position of the cars would be pretty important if there is a dispute of who did what.