2009 Nov 01 | Putt Putt, Halloween - HoB, Crawl

The one big problem with buying pots and pans from thrift shops is they often don't come with lids. Tinfoil works, but not quite as well.

Love getting a $300 piece of software for $19 as a student.

We went to Katz's deli for dinner one night.

Ooh, they all look so good.

It was a pretty cute little place. They even had a photo booth.

Aw, how sad. I always liked going to the Walmart at the southwest corner of 610 because it had a great crafts section. This time, though, it looks like it had been reduced to just a few rows and they no longer had all the fabric and everything else. I felt especially bad for the woman who works in that section because she was always to nice and interested in what I was making, and now her area is mostly gone.

I think most car modifications are dumb, but this was quite impressive.

Ah, Fabri-Tac; I love this stuff. The "string" for the lazy and poor sewers.

We were in Dr. Gee's room and heard some noises in the ceiling. At first we thought it was cable being pulled through, but then we realized it sounded more like furry little feet moving around. Since Dr. Gee works on sports vision, he actually had some baseball bats in the room, so he armed himself just in case the critter fell through. It didn't, though, so they just set a big wire trap up there to catch it.

We went to Putt Putt Fun House in Webster on Thursday. There was a special so we could get double points for the money if we got a pizza, which worked well.

Some game with a touch sensor mat which I swear didn't work all that well.

They had bumber boats, but there was pretty much nobody else there this night, so we decided it wouldn't be that fun.

Same thing with the laser tag.

So we ended up doing the XD Theater a couple of times, which actually was really neat on the rides that had more movement. At the beginning of the show it said, "Hold on for a more enjoyable ride," but it should have said, "Hold on because this thing really bucks and there's a good chance that if you're not holding on tight you could very well be thrown out of your seat."

Ooh, a slide.

And part of it was like a discovery center, with the little games...

... and science tricks and things.

Another section had games you could win tickets at, so we did bowling.

We only won 11 tickets, though, so our choices were split a mini Twizzlers, each get a Tootsie roll, or each get a Dum Dum sucker, with the last option being the obvious best choice.

They also had an goofy golf course, but it was pretty much all just straight courses with a few obstacles in the way.

Are you supposed to park straight in or at an angle? How confusing.

Friday night some friends and I went to a Halloween costume party at the House of Blues downtown.

A pretty impressive costume.

I made my costume pretty much the night before, so I didn't have much time to work on it. I was the balloon boy who was in the news recently. I had originally planned to make balloon animals for people, too, but I realized nobody would want to carry them around, and balloon hats and bracelets take way too much time to make, so I gave up on that idea.

I thought these were really well done.

A room with windows to the outside so people could smoke.

At the costume contest, three groups got perfect 10s. I got two 10s and one 8, so I just missed being in the finals, but one of the judges said he thought I had the best costume there, which was nice.

The Shrek couple ended up winning the costume contest.

Not sure why, but I really loved the kickboxer costume.

My favorite costume there was the Michael Jackson in a casket, which was very impressive. He even had a light in it.

Buying a wig for my costume on Saturday. I had thought about trying to curl my hair, but this ended up being much easier, even though it took a while to find a wig with the right hair style.

One end of my sling, which I made a little pocket in for my camera and phone. Also, the weight from those helped make it easier to carry.

The other end, which I curled up a bit to make it easier to hold on to.

On the way to the party there was a big traffic jam on the highway with a cop stopping traffic. Which made no sense because there was no accident in sight.

We went to the Montrose Crawl (which I got second place in last year). We got there late, so we only made it to the last bar before the final costume contest at Slick Willie's.

H1N1, which I thought was pretty funny.

One of my favorite costumes was the censored girl, especially because the wrap matched her skin tone very well.

Castro, heh.

A whole bunch of X-Men.

The astronaut is Jason, who is the organizer of the Crawl. He came up and said we had won the last mini costume contest and to stay around for the finals. At which point I recognized him, introduced myself, and then he remembered me, which was cool.

I'm not exactly sure what the thing in the middle was supposed to be, but it had extendible "wings" or something and was just really weird.

By far my favorite costume of the night. As soon as I saw the shower I knew who he was, even before I saw the karate outfit. A lot of other people didn't recognize him as the Karate Kid and just called him shower guy.

Chun Li and a toy soldier, both of which were really good.

I really liked Destro, too. I think his facial expression really carries it.

The zombie couple was really having fun, dancing around and acting all crazy.

OK, I guess it's supposed to be a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz. Those things always terrified me when I was a kid, so I guess it's fair that this costume freaked me out a bit.

Not as impressive as the Michael Jackson in a casket, but still fun.

We were Greek statues (David and Venus de Milo). The body paint didn't cover nearly as thickly as we thought it would, but since most statues tend to have a weathered look, it worked out well.

At the grand prize costume contest.

The winner was Meals on Wheels, a guy in a wheelchair with a hotdog costume. The entire X-Men group were also finalists, and I'm pretty sure they were his friends, so I think their being right up front and cheering for him is what pushed him above us because it was really close. I thought some of the other costumes were better, but his was still really great, and everyone got a kick out of it. On Monday, a blogger for the HoustonPress listed what she thought were the six best costumes of the Montrose Crawl, and she gave us #1, which was pretty cool.

Numbers was just a few blocks away, so we ran over there to check out some of their costumes, too, and we got there just in time for the costume contest. It was definitely a different crowd, though.

I think this costume won. She basically just had a big bag of marijuana taped onto her. Like I said, Numbers has a slightly different atmosphere.

A cute group we ran into on the way back to the car.

Well, we didn't win the grand prize, but we did get a $25 gift card. Plus, I think a lot of people liked our costumes. Looking at all the other costumes was a ton of fun, too.

A really neat, big porch that might even have a pool table.

This yard had all kinds of plants growing in it; it was like a jungle.

Marian doing her classic hop as she bumps the ball.

I can't remember who won this one.

Almost a full moon, and we play until it's too dark to see.

A shot of the group.