2009 Nov 29 | Hunting in SD for Thanksgiving

After the final exam in Dr. Bergmanson's cornea elective, he had a really nice dinner for all of us.

The BIOs we use to look inside eyes have these little lenses inside of them. They come with +2.00 lenses to help older optometrists, but we take them out and put ones with on power in them because the +2.00 can make it a little blurry if you're young. I didn't see the ones with no power in my kit, though, and I finally got some from the equipment office.

The off-airport parking lot I use gave me a free newspaper. I think I'd rather have it be 50 cents cheaper to park.

Someone in the airport taking a nap.

Ugh, never fun to be there before the stores are even open for a 6am flight.

I hate flying through Denver because the planes used to get to South Dakota are down this little hallway and it's always freezing in there.

Another year, another set of books from the same big authors.

Wait, so books are returnable?

Shotgun and rifle in one.

Ron's semi-homemade shooting gloves.

It's pretty early.

Walking through the corn.

Ron up in the deer stand.

Walking in more corn, although not quite as high this time.

The dogs playing.

Video of them.

Almost time to stop hunting.

Hauling in the Christmas decorations for mom.

Lots and lots of decorations.

Hey, shouldn't it be cold enough that there aren't any more flies?

Ooh, that's even worse.

Out hunting some more.

Dad and Ron looking for a pheasant.

Aw, man, there's water here.

Just gonna have to look for the cattails and stay away.

Hard to see, but a small deer at the top of the hill.

Picking off the stickers.

Mom went into the water up to her thighs.

Walking through trees.

Ron taking a shot.

Dad cleaning out Ron's deer.

Hauling it out.

Ron with his 5x5 buck.

6 people, 3 pheasants, and 1 deer in grandpa's van.

Oh, and 1 dog. And he still wanted to keep hunting instead of going home.

Wait, what's this metal in the heart?

Nice shot, Ron.

Who needs expensive dog toys when you have pheasant legs?

Playing rummy.

Kinda hard to not feed the dog when she's right there.

A real hunting vehicle: just throw some cardboard on the floor.

Another area we walked.

When you roll under the barbed wire...

... make sure to check for obstacles like this.

There deer are here, just not now.

Dad: "Grandpa, you watch for rocks, I'll watch for deer. There are lots of rocks hidden in the weeds in this field." Grandpa: "Aya."

Dad checking for leaking fluids after grandpa ran over some rather good-sized rocks, heh.

Great health care distribution system. It was faster to fly home for Thanksgiving and get flu shots from my mom than get them through the school where I signed up for them months ago. Although these words immediately followed me getting stabbed in both arms: Dad: "Mel's gonna do the nasal spray, right?" Me: "YOU HAVE THE NASAL??!!"

Honestly, you guys don't have to be so thorough in Pierre, SD. I went through San Francisco and Houston just fine.

Tiny plane.

Pretty view of the moon and clouds.

The guy in the seat in front of me had paid to watch the football game, and I could watch it too off the reflection in the window.

Yeah, how about a "I'm not here; come steal my stuff" sign?