2009 Dec 06 | snow in Houston

Candy shop in Rice village that has chocolates with liquor inside.

All kinds of chocolate fruits.

Those are some big cakes.

I think this sign has way too many focus points.

The beer sampler at Two Rows isn't on the menu, which is why it's always good to go to places with people in the know.

We put together the care packages for NOSA and then had pizza afterwards. We ate some of the leftovers, but I stuck the straw all the way through my Capri Sun rather than down into it. Who designed these horrible things?

Arg, no little piece to hold the handle in place, so I have to sit out in the cold.

This Burger King had life-sized Twilight window stickies and I thought they were real for a second. It actually freaked me out a bit because it looked like they were staring right at me.

Waiting for Mel at the airport. I actually had a really nice view of the doors when I was a little farther back, but then the row of waiting cars moved forward and bit and I followed them, only to get stuck here where I had to lean way ahead to see anything.

That's not good.

Wow, it actually snowed in Houston.

A pretty decent amount of snow, too.

First the optometry school sent out an email saying they're closing down the school at 1pm and they would be canceling clinic. If I would have been at home, I would have stayed there, but I left for school about 3 minutes after they sent this message. Then when I arrived at school and was ready to go back home, they sent out another email saying we actually were going to see patients at 1pm and close at 2pm since they wanted us to see patients they couldn't get ahold of to reschedule before they got there.

A few problems: some people had read the first one and didn't show up at all (which really wasn't much of a problem as only a few patients actually came; more just bad communication). Also, that meant we had to try to do a full exam in under an hour, and since the dispensary was closing, too, even faster if the patients wanted glasses, which is really pushing it at our level. Thankfully I just had a nice easy prescription check.

I haven't used this project I got off of Craigslist in forever, but we were watching a movie at my place, so I set it up. Hmm, looks like I have to change a few settings.

That's better.

I couldn't pass up the chance to go play in the soon-to-be-gone snow.

So I made a little snowman.

I could even see him out of my window so I could watch for meanies who might try to smoosh him.

A mosaic at the Marq*E movie complex. I had a bit of time to wait, so I decided to estimate how many tiles were in it. First I counted up the number of tiles around a moon section and multiplied it out by the number of sections in that ring and then the number of rings and got about 15,000 tiles. Then I did the same with an outer ring and got more like 30,000. Finally I just counted the number of tiles from an edge to the center and used the pi*r^2 formula to come up with 30,000 again, so my final estimate is about that.

This couple had an empty seat on each side of them and we politely asked them if one of them could move so we could sit together. They refused. Honestly, who says no to that? What jerks.