2009 Dec 12 | Lights in the Heights

Yeah, that's not even close to under 20 items.

I don't like turning the oven or burners off by going counter-clockwise from Hi to Off. I have to go backwards through Lo and then Off. Doing otherwise just wouldn't be right.

Reminder to self: don't hit the cop car when backing out.

People often like to park facing out so they don't have to back out at the end of the day. The easiest way to do this is to drive through an open space, so you often end up with this zig-zag pattern of cars until the lot starts to fill up.

Pretty lights.

It says $2.99, but the cashier gave them to me for 50 cents for some reason.

A Christmas party hosted by a vendor at Cavatori.

The mushrooms were really good, but you had to get up there fast when they were refilled because they ran out quickly.

Oh, these are the drink tokens the bartender asked us about. We didn't know we were supposed to get them, though, so he just gave us the drinks anyway.

Although a waiter came around refilling drinks anyway, too.

A Palm VIIx at a thrift store in the kids bagged toys area for $1.91. I thought about buying it because maybe I could resell it for a profit, but then I figured they're probably not worth anything. After checking Amazon, even the cheapest ones go for $20. Opportunity missed.

Great, they didn't cut my pizza into slices. You know how bad of a job a steak knife does at cutting pizza? Very bad.

Busy day and not coming home = have to take lots of outfits. Volleyball, walking around, then dinner and clubbing; that's three times I have to change.

My schedule for the day and map of thrift stores.

I think I'll skip this "thift store" though.

Hmm... wonder if anyone would want this.

Getting into the part of Houston with a high-Chinese population.

I wanted to buy a mini chess set for a friend's birthday / Christmas present, but I couldn't find one at any Wal-Marts or Targets or anything, so I ended up having to drive all the way over to the Westchase district to this games store which sold them. It wasn't that big of a deal, though, since my string of thrift stores for the day basically went that way.

Ooh, a paint-your-own-pieces set. Although depending on the person, that could either be a lot of fun or just work.

It was a bit cold and rainy, so not many people showed up for volleyball.

Still some fun games, though.

That evening we went to Lights in the Heights, where most of the houses along a couple of streets for eight blocks had lots of lights and live music and a parade. We got there early to get a parking spot and to wander around without lots of other people in the way. This yard had many pieces of art.

Getting ready.

Some neat houses.

And another really neat one.

Even their sidewalk was cool.

We got to the end and grabbed some coffee at Antidote. The Kaboom bookstore had a really neat layout, too.

His own personal stop light, I guess.

Aw, the neighbors around this house should have put some lights on it.

How nice; free cookies and snacks.

That's just weird.

Some pretty lights.

I thought this was really neat.

Most Wattage winner.

Another one with lots of lights.

We met a friend who worked with someone who lived in the area, so we hung out there for a bit, eating and drinking.

They even had some pretty good wine.

And back onto the streets, now that it's dark out. Here were some dancers.

The start of the parade was a SWAT van.


Santa on a sleigh.

People on scooters.

A car with lights on it.

And another.

Reindeer on top of a car.

A Christmas skeleton.

A house with some more dancers.

Bell players.

Nice lights.

I think that would have been a pain to make.

Swing dancers on this corner.


A solo.

And another solo.

Another bell choir.

A short clip of them playing.

A nicely-decorated house.

A live band.

After that we ran to Backstreet Cafe for a friend's birthday party.

The valet accidentally brought this Jaguar up instead of our vehicles. Really tempting to just take it and leave.

We were planning on going to Ei8ht afterwards, but they seated us late for dinner so we got to the club rather late, which meant there was a big line that didn't move at all. We stood in line for about 30 minutes until we decided to head elsewhere and went to Blue Label because there was no line at all.