2009 Dec 20 | Avatar, indoor VB & DB

Grr... they have normal green beans with salt and French-cut green beans without salt, but no normal green beans without salt.

That's a lot of levers on the side of a semi carrying cars.

Nice. A bag of bows for 50 cents at a thrift store.

Ooh, and they're even playing Top Gun on their TVs. I think I'll just sit here for a few minutes and watch.

I bought this pan at the thrift store. I was worried about getting the price off; it looks like it's in red crayon. The little old lady behind me in line said lemon juice would work great. Well, neither extensive scrubbing nor lemon juice nor sending it through the dish washer has done a thing.

Uh oh; a lone glove after doing laundry. I'm sure someone did laundry after me; do you think they stole the other glove?

Oh, how nice. They set it on the table.

It kind of looked like you couldn't drive on this road at all, but the construction worker I asked said it was fine.

Would it be ironic if someone asked for a worker to climb up and get a book from one of the top shelves in the self-help section of a bookstore rather than do it themselves?

Put a picture in a snow globe. Pretty sure I'd end up tearing the bottom off and making all the water come out trying to get the picture in.

Neat chairs and table.

I don't think I'm gonna carry around $2000 cash in a liquor store, even if it is a nice one like Specs.

I swear, most of the drivers in Houston don't turn their lights on in the rain. Honestly, is a little common courtesty to your fellow drivers that big of a deal? Heck, in a lot of places, it's a law.

The school added a new parking garage and lot. However, this turn is rather problematic because the speed limit on the road is 50mph, so I foresee a lot of accidents or really close calls.

Yet again, they filled in this hole with asphalt. And yet again, there are still big chasms around the fill.

I hate having to dry off umbrellas, so as long as it's not pouring, I'd rather get a little wet than use an umbrella.

While vacumming the car, I noticed the cigarette tray I stash my quarters in was open. For I split second I was terrified it was going to suck them all up.

I want a button. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart and Target either have none or only a couple of very basic ones that aren't even close to what I want. I guess most people just go out and buy a new pair of pants when they lose a button.

They're both "assorted" colors, but the one on the right doesn't look very assorted to me; there are way too many reds in there.

Some neat Christmas lights on the expensive homes around River Oaks.

Some more.

Do you think the home owners put them up themselves?

Helping a friend haul a bed. Thankfully it just fit.

Waiting in line for the midnight IMAX showing of Avatar. A guy sleeping on his stomach, a few gamers...

... and, what are the odds, my midnight movie buddy from Transformers! Congrats on the new baby, dude! ( Actually, that's how we know each other; his wife couldn't go, and I needed an extra ticket.)

So what do you do while waiting a few hours for the movie to start? Watch Dodgeball on a laptop, of course.

Wow; almost $70 in a thrift store, and a lot of it being $1 shoes. I wonder how much that would be at the mall.

It's annoying when the gas pump says I have to go instead to get a receipt rather than just print one out, but it's easier to just take a picture.

My new favorite cereal. It's weird how something as simple as this can make my morning a lot brighter.

This was cool. The guy scanned one of these 40% off coupons he had sitting up at the register on my single item.

We played dodgeball and volleyball indoors because it's starting to get a little too cold outside.

Thankfully we found a great gym.

Met a friend to play chess on Sunday. The problem is we met at a mall. On the Sunday before Christmas. Hello, no parking. I got lucky, though. I was driving and stopped to let a couple of guys walk across. I followed them so I could hopefully get their spot, and they were nice and waved me over to their car.

I had a while to wait because it took her almost 30 minutes to find a parking spot. I just sat outside this restaurant and watched the football games, though, so I was happy.

Aw, some old lady was trying to carry too many items and dropped this. She just kept on going like nothing happened but was still having trouble carrying everything, and some nice guy helped her carry half of it out to her car. At least, I hope; he could have just taken them and ran once he was out the door for all I know.