2010 Jan 03 | New Year's Eve

I "installed" the new filter they gave me for the AC/heater. All I had to do was remove two little screws, pull up the cover, pop this one out, and stick the new one in. Easy, except for having to vacuum up all the of the dust that got everywhere. Boy, was it full.

I had the day completely off. I needed to go to the post office, so I just left at some point in the day when I felt like it. Unfortunately, that time was 12:20, when of course the place is going to be packed with people on their lunch breaks. Sigh.

Yeah, I think you can take that down now.

Heh, I remember when I was doing that a few years ago.

This was a mess. The guy had received a "come get your mail" card, except it was blank rather than filled in. He only spoke Spanish, so this other guy translated for him. According to him, his mailbox got knocked down, so the mailman said to come and get his mail at the post office where they were storing it. The woman at the desk said they don't do that and it would have been sent back. They kept discussing this back and forth, and I just wanted to yell, "Just go look in the back for it! If you see it, give it to him; if not, then at least it would be faster than arguing like you are!" I felt sorry for him because it sounded like he was waiting for some checks.

Oh, and Monica, that's your last Christmas present there. She said it might not make it through the mail since it's wrapping paper, though, and I wasn't about to go home and re-wrap a $2 gift or try to find another box to stick it in, so it might get there, it might not.

And after that I went to the bank. Again, horrible timing. I've never seen the line this long, and this was actually a bit after lunch. Don't you people have to work?

That actually sounds like a pretty good deal. I could get two meals out of it. I wonder if there's some catch.

I've heard of animal horns on cars, but this is a bit different.

Still haven't figured this one out. Droaitor? Dr. Oator? Dr. operator with a syllable left out? Dr. 08er (graduated in 2008)?

I don't think you should keep your Christmas lights up even a day after Christmas, but this is so pretty, I'll let it slide.

For New Year's Eve we went to Stereo Live to see Bad Boy Bill and a ton of other DJs. There was a bit of food from Mi Luna, a really good tapas restaurant.

Angelica, Jeannie, Jeff, and Al had reserved a table.

It was in a really nice spot, too. Just off center.

Unfortunately, that meant they couldn't all come down dancing; someone had to stay to guard the purses and booze. Angelica was fine dancing by herself, though, so it worked out. Actually, she was one of the best dancers in the club, if not the best.

A view of the floor from the table.

Some other friends waving at us.

Crowd shot #1.



The guy in the red sunglasses and grey shirt was a good dancer, too.

The dance floor was pretty busy. Not super packed, but that meant there was enough room to move around.

Angelica and Jeannie getting down.

A shot of the upstairs table.

By around 2:30, the place was getting pretty empty, we were tired, and they were probably going to close it down soon anyway, to we all took off. It was a really fun time, and not very expensive at all.

It's the last semester we have actual classes. I've made it this far without having to buy new folders, and I'm not gonna buy new ones for a single semester, even if I have to do a little repair work.

I don't think it should be this easy to unscrew the peepholes in doors. All you have to do now is flip around the lenses found inside and then you can look in instead of them being able to look out.

I needed to print six photos. Six. First attempt: Wal-Greens. Result: fail. One self-service machine froze up on the woman who used it before me, they had to restart it, and nobody knew the password to log back on. This woman was using the other one, and after she finally got done, I found out the USB connector didn't work.

So off to Wal-Mart. Oops; all their machines are down for the day. No idea why; they got turned off yesterday and nobody will turn them back on. But third time was the charm, barely. I went to CVS, and found this guy very, very slowly typing captions onto his pictures. The other machine was turned off.

After we got it turned back on, and it took forever to go through its startup routine, I was finally able to print my pictures. Thankfully the cashier here was really, really nice. The ones at Walgreens and Wal-Mart didn't apologize or act like they cared in any way; they just said, "Doesn't work," and walked away. The woman here even rushed my pictures so they'd come out in a few minutes.

Great. I had driven all over the city looking for these (must have spent at least an hour driving from pharmacy to photo store to big box store and so on) and finally found them way across town. Yet here they are sitting on the counter at the CVS two blocks from my apartment.

They photos I printed weren't quite the right size, so I resized them and went back to CVS. This time the clerk said to use this machine because it would print them instantly; the other one would take at least an hour. Although I wonder how much worse the picture quality is with this. I'm sure it's better than just an ink jet printer like for home use stuck under there, but I doubt it's as good a the normal photo processor.