2010 Jan 24 | Rockets BB game, urban paintball

An ice-skating rink at Discovery Green.

A mound of snow. Hmm... I wonder if you could grab some through the fence and have a snowball fight.

That seems to be a waste: a really big crane for a really small box. But I don't think a forklift would reach that high, so I don't know of any other options.

Yeah, you have a nice expensive apartment in the middle of downtown, but there's construction going on all around you all the time.

Shu-Ling invited me to a Rockets game, which I'd never been to before. These guys were dressed for the occasion.

When we got there, we were down by 10 or so.

A crawling baby race during a break. It seems a bit wrong to use your baby to try to get free stuff.

The super-fans section.


We score.

We score again.

The three of us.

There was a singer during halftime. This guy was really getting down.

The singer and the little balloon helicopter that flies around.

The dancers with a group of kid dancers.

Clutch signing a girl's ball.

The towel-up-sweat kid. If that was me, I'd keep the used towels and sell them on eBay; I'm sure there are some nutty fans who'd want something like that.

Throwing out t-shirts and even shooting them with a giant slingshot.

More dancers.

Her brother sells ads to China because of Yao Ming that get displayed here. Which is interesting because some aren't in English at all.

We were way down, then we were way up; now it's tied with only 18 seconds left.

And we go to overtime.

Clutch in some oversized boxing gloves.

We're up by 2 with only a few seconds.

And now 3.

And we win! It was a really great game.

I went to Wal-Mart to get a spare key made. I asked her to use an all-metal key, not one with black rubber on it.

And this is what I got. I refuse to return keys if they're wrong; it's so little money, I just throw them and go somewhere else.

So I head to Home Depot and, of course, there's nobody at the counter.

Ooh, this is unlocked. I really, really wanna dig through there and see what's in the forbidden filing cabinet.

This guy has a lot of pins and badges.

Arg; three staples in the dry-cleaning tag this time.

My alarm clock goes totally crazy every once in a while. Thankfully the alarm still goes off at the right time.

The wiper on the back window stopped working. Although it's not really that big of a deal, so I don't think I'll bother to fix it.

Ryan brought King Cake to dispensary.

I met Fran at Celebrity Cupcakes for her birthday. They charge $3.50 per cupcake, though, so I'm not sure if they're going to stay in business too long. Although she pointed out it is in Rice Village, so all the rich yuppie kids might keep it afloat.

It's really hard to find parking in Rice Village, so it was annoying to see all these garbage cans set out and taking up valuable parking space.

A striped tie will have the stripes on the knot going in the opposite direction of the stripes on the rest of the tie. There are actually special ties where the stripes switch directions so they all appear to go the same when when you tie it, although I doubt most people would notice.

Dr. Miller played a little quiz game in Lasers class. He even had a phone a friend option, which in this case was Dr. Bergmanson.

You'd think if you had a really wide truck, you'd spend extra time and consideration parking carefully.

I kept thinking "MK" stood for "Mortal Kombat" until I saw the "Mary Kay" stickers above and below.

Volleyball on Saturday.

There was a group of about six other people just kind of hanging around, so we invited them to play, too.

Lots of people up in the air.

This girl is interesting; she always comes dressed up. I think she said she just got off work, but it would be even cooler if she was just dressing like that for fun.

Sunday afternoon a group of us went paintballing.

One of the areas.

Ooh, right in the face.

Regrouping before the next game.

The areas were really small compared to most fields I've been to. It actually was more fun, I think, because you spent most of your time shooting at people rather than walking around trying to find them.

Me. Thanks for taking some pictures, ref!

Shooting around the edge.

The flag, which I actually got in the first game.

You could shoot between a lot of the barrels, so they really weren't that safe to hide behind.

He got hit a couple of times.


... Go!

Hits only counted if they were in the head or chest, so her leg's safe. Although it still might sting a bit if they shoot it.

Right in the neck; I bet that one stung a bit.

Lucy shooting away.

Down to 2 on 2.

Shooting low.

Shooting high.

Covered in paint after the game.

Hmm... why do I taste paint all of the sudden? Oh, look at that.

Thankfully only a bit came through.

Lucy and I before.

And after.