2010 Jan 31 | MFAH, Joystix, HUSH blackout

I put some new nosepads on my glasses, but they're too sticky; they don't move around at all, and it's really annoying. Gonna have to find some other ones.

Oh, come on! Since the whole point of the 20-items-and-under counters is to get out of the store as quickly as possible, I don't think you should be able to argue price problems there. Thankfully the clerk just told the guy he had to go to customer service for whatever it was.

Continuing the King Cake in dispensary theme, Geesala brought cupcakes. She couldn't hide the baby in them, though, since they were bought, so she just marked the bottom of one.

I have no idea what this is. It's sticking out of the back of a work van, and it appears to be some sort of tube with a wire attached.

Wednesday night a few of us went bowling. It was downtown, though, and I didn't see any street parking when I was driving around. I pulled into one garage, saw that the prices were $2.50 every 20 minutes, backed right out, and then found this one, which was more reasonable.

Uh, what other kind of use would a public bathroom have? The only things I can think of would be illegal anyway, which would in effect make the sign say, "don't do illegal things," which is pointless.

Aw, nothing cool in here.

Ooh, that sounds fun, and I hadn't heard of it before. Sometimes it's nice to glance through the free Houston papers for events.

The food at Lucky Strikes was actually really good, and we were there during happy hour so it was half price.

Yeah, we're not exactly professionals.

Thursday night we went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Again, it can be a bit of a pain finding parking, but there are a few big churches in the area that have free parking. Although I'd never noticed these signs before, so apparently you're not really supposed to park there if you're going to the museums.

But I think pretty much everyone does, and anyway, the lot was empty.

And I'm not gonna pay a whole $3 for parking.

But, since I felt kind of bad about parking in their lot, I went and "visited" the church.

I read up on the Hindu deities in the book store. It was a kids' book, but that was perfect because I could just glance through it and get the general idea really quickly.

I've always loved statues.

I like this painting of a ship close to land. They artist put the viewer in the water to make it seem more turbulent.

One exhibition was Korean artists, and this was Fallen Star 1/5 by Do Ho Suh; it was his home in Korea flying into his apartment in the US.

Sometimes life just works out. I was going through the drive-through at McDonald's and ordered a meal with some chocolate chip cookies. When I was waiting to pick up my food, I saw the person in front of me get a hot fudge sundae, and then I wanted that instead of the cookies. I'd feel kind of bad about changing my order at the pick-up window, though, so I decided to just stick with the cookies. When I got to the window, he said they were out of chocolate chip cookies and asked if I wanted a different type of cookie. I asked if I could have a sundae instead since they were the same price, and he said sure.

The empty envelope which had contained the head band mom sent a few weeks ago. That's annoying.

Friday morning I went to Mann Eye Institute to watch a LASIK surgery, which is part of the course requirements for our laser class.

I was surprised at how fast the procedure was.

Normally I'd put a sticky note on whatever I was trying to remind myself of, but in this case, that was the notes themselves, so it's kind of recursive or something.

The little bridges to the house are neat, but I wonder if they're a pain when you're trying to carry lots of groceries or other big items.

Friday night we went to the Rockin Rodeo at the House of Blues. Well, all we really went for was to ride the mechanical bull.

It was fun, even though we weren't really dressed for it.

These girls were, however.

After that we went to Joystix for their Pac-Man Fever. Ooh, here's a new game: Whac-A-Mole.

Look, they have Monster Bash, my favorite pinball game of all time! They actually had it before and then got rid of it for a while. However, they didn't put it on free play and I wasn't in the mood to go find an employee to fix it because there were plenty of other fun games.

Including this driving game. And Guitar Hero in the background.

Saturday morning was a vision screening with SVOSH.

Doing retinoscopy and internals.

I swear, I can never get all of the squares to fit onto the pan; I always have four extra. Which means I end up eating the raw dough, and while it's good, it tend to spoil my appetite. I wonder if the company does that on purpose or if other people just stick the cookies closer.

I like making big meals so I have leftovers for a few days and then don't have to cook as much.

Saturday night we went to HUSH, which was having a blackout party (they turned off most of the lights and had glow sticks).

At the entrance they had a bunch of free ones you could take.

It was really cold, though, at least in this area, but the candles gave off a little heat, so I was warming up with them here.

Down on the dance floor.

This is kind of hard to see, but her makeup glowed in the blacklight.

Some dancers on the stage.

A view of the crowd from the second floor.

The male dancer with his shirt off on the left was really good.

A woman who was having a costume birthday party.

A Megatron t-shirt doesn't really fit the normal club attire here, but I still thought it was cool.