2010 Feb 08 | tango classes, Super Bowl

Finally, after looking through all of these buttons, I find a single one that works well with my pants.

In lab we had to perform subconjunctival injections on each other.

I love this bright green.

All of these are deposit slips. I would have thought at least a few bunches would be some other kind, but I was wrong.

OK, I've driven by this store for like a year now, and I've never noticed it. I actually asked the clerk if it was new and he said, "It was a few years ago."

Kind of like this door. I always park on the "front" side of the building, and my brain just says the "back" entrance must be for employees, but actually that's just another regular parking lot back there and it'd actually be faster to park there rather than up front.

Mmm... nummy cupcakes with chocolate chips in them in dispensary.

Wednesday night we went to tango lessons. I was searching online for places to grab a fast, cheap dinner in the area and saw a place called Pappa Burger, so I went there. It actually turned out to be just a little stand rather than a restaurant like I was thinking, but it was still really good.

This is where the tango class is supposed to be? I don't know about this.

Especially because that looks like a passed-out heroin addict.

OK, this looks a little more like it. It's dirty on the outside, but nice and clean inside. Although they were actually doing a hip hop class.

Our tango class, which actually was fairly decent.

And I even got to dance with the girl with the pretty shoes.

I went in for a haircut and the entire family was there watching this little guy get his first one.

I think I read somewhere that wine under $20 dollars is usually pretty bad; I don't think I'm gonna try out the $3 stuff.

The road was so backed up people were U-turning around and driving the wrong way down the entrance ramp to get onto the feeder road rather than stay on the highway.

Aw, man. If I can make it to that intersection, I can take a little shortcut to the left and avoid waiting for all the other cars at the stop light. So close.

Ooh, he has a movie playing in the TV in his car. I think I'll stay behind him for a while. Thankfully it wasn't too good or I might have followed him all the way to his house, which probably would have been a bity creepy.

Cooking a meal together.

I've been kind of on and off about this. On one hand, I'd like a free pizza. On the other, they say something about "your family," and it's just me, so I'd feel a bit bad about taking a whole pizza for myself. Then again, I'm paying enough in rent that having them buy me one little pizza wouldn't be too much.

Saturday a group of us went to this winery for a tour.

I never had heard of that law before.

Some of the big containers.

The owner letting us put a label on a bottle.

Some bottle fillers.

And the real reason we came: the tasting.

This was cute. His grandson came up to him with a glass and wanted a drink of wine, so he poured him some.

The kid started to walk away...

... and then came back because he decided he wanted more.

Now this is wonderful. I usually just throw any change other than quarters on the little ledge so other people can take it, but this is even better. Although I usually don't get all of the coins in it.

Another license plate I couldn't figure out.

Sunday night we went to a friend's Super Bowl party. One of the best parts was all of the good food.

I couldn't find the light switch for the bathroom (of course, it was outside the door, and I'm so used to them being inside I didn't even think of that), but thankfully there was a candle, which was plenty of light for me.

About half of the people watched the game...

... and the other half danced instead. I watched the game, and it was actually a really good game, even though the commercials weren't that great.