Justine wanted a new bed, so she found this place on Craigslist, and since I have an Explorer, I helped her go get it. There are a fair number of guys that sell beds out of warehouses or storage sheds. This place had some weird rule that only 1 group of people could be in the place at once. Not really sure why they did that; it'd be pretty hard to sneak out of there with a mattress. Since there was a couple already looking at things when we got there, we had to just sit in the car. After about 20 minutes they left, and we went in. But wait, what's that I see to the right behind the corner?

A Cobra. Hmm, if the guy selling beds can afford this, maybe he's charging a bit too much.

Just like everything else, the newspapers are a tad more liberal here. I don't quite see this ad lasting long in the Midwest.

And this was on the front page of the Berkeley Daily Planet, a free newspaper that comes out twice a week. The students were protesting cheap foreign labor, although most of them probably just wanted an excuse to stand around half- or fully-naked.

I've never seen an escalator moved around before. Actually, I still haven't. They kept adjusting the forklifts to get a better hold or something for the entire half hour I watched. Messed up traffic, but at least it was on a Saturday.

Now, I can see not sweeping every day, but not picking up huge pieces of uncooked noodles?

There were speeches and a band playing in Justin Herman Plaza, which is at the end of the Embarcadero Center, to commemorate the big earthquake. People are starting to eat here at lunch again now that it's getting warm.

There's a grassy area at Justin Herman Plaza, and this group seems to play soccer there during lunch a lot. They're all pretty good.

I like to read a while after work at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley. A lot of bums start getting settled in for the evening while I'm there, and many are digging through the garbage looking for food. This squirrel, however, was much better at it than any of the people. He'd hop in and back out with a huge chunk of food in just a couple of seconds, whereas the bums took much longer to search around for something.

On this month's edition of Things That are Broken, we start with the Explorer. At least it can sit there for a couple of weeks without getting a ticket, since all the transmission shops are either closed or not answering their phones on Saturdays.

We continue with my monitor. It's still under warrantly, but I need the Explorer to go to the store I bought it at to have them look at it. And I need the monitor to figure out where the transmission shops are to fix the truck. (Well, not really; I can use the laptop or even go to a cyber cafe, but that's not a fun little paradox.) I was going to get a used one off of Craigslist, but I'd need the Explorer to get that as well. There's a used computer show about 10 blocks away from the house, though, so I got a used monitor for $30 there. There's a 30-day return policy, so if I get the other one fixed by then, I can just take it back for free.

And we finish with the DVD/VCR player. I'm not mad at the person who spilled the full glass of water on it; I'm mad at the person who left a full glass of water just sitting out above an electrical appliance.

Hmm, someone has been repotting plants and left dirt everywhere. I guess since the broom and dustpan are a whole 15 feet away, it would require way too much work to go get them. At least it's on the landing rather than inside the actual house.

Ha ha; it is also inside the house. I like how you can actually see the broom and dust pan right there, too, not to mention two vacuums. I've been waiting to see if anybody would clean this up yet, and I've been waiting over a week now. Pretty soon I'm going to break down and just clean it up myself, since I have to step over it to get milk for cereal every morning. Of course, with me being so busy, I might not be able to carve the 30 seconds out of my day.