2010 Feb 14 | Valentine's Day

These cops have been sitting here recently. Don't know why because it's not like it's a particularly dangerous intersection or anything.

Shelly continued the food-in-dispensary trend with an ice cream cake.

A couple of the opticians were out, so we got a bit backed up when it got busy. Get in line, people.

I hate these cards they put on windshields. I feel bad about just hitting the wipers and making them fall on the ground, so I end up having to get out, reach around, and then carry them with me until I find a trash can.

Rain-X is great when you get up to speed, but if you're under 30mph or so, it doesn't work as well. Plus, I think it makes glare worse, which is a problem driving at night when you go under lights.

Dr. Pass brought donuts to class on Thursday morning.

Ooh, more free food for sitting as a subject for the second years to practice looking at toric contact lenses.

I completed some online survey, and they sent me a $3 check. What a waste of a stamp.

I've always been a bit annoyed by the food that falls into the space between the oven and the counter, but I never really even thought of something like this until I happened to see it in the store. What a wonderful invention.

A truck with that cool color-changing paint.

We have to modify hard contact lenses for clinic. You put them on a little suction cup and then use a spinning wheel to modify them (like a grinding wheel, only softer). One of the biggest problems is that the wheel tends to grab the lenses off the suction cup and fling them somewhere, so you see lots of people like this, looking for the contact.

I offered to cook for her, but she thought it would be more fun to cook together, and I'm sure not gonna turn down the help.

Especially because the steaks she made came out better than the desert I baked. Not to mention the bread I forgot about in the toaster oven which set off the smoke alarm. Thankfully she brought a big loaf and the other half came out fine.

Uh oh, dropped a piece of food under the burner. Gotta go in and pull it out before it starts to burn.

I got her free massage cards, a library card to my "library" since she saw a few books she might want to borrow, and a cute contact lens case. And the cookbook we used.

Since I said I hate "stuff" I like useful things, she got me toilet paper (which her boss said would be funny, heh), a travel toothbrush, and travel toothpaste. Also some seashells from Florida to go with the others I have in my bathroom. Best of all, because I had mentioned I just like opening presents more than having them, she double-wrapped all of them.

I wonder if there is any reason other than going to a strip club that people would get a bunch of one-dollar bills from the bank?

That night we went to LaBare, a male strip club that she had mentioned.

I was the only guy in the entire place other than the workers, which was kind of weird because I've seen plenty of women at female strip clubs.

It was interesting because at female strip clubs, the patrons can barely touch the strippers. Here, however, they were grabbing the guys legs and more, like in this picture where the girl is up on stage under the stripper. It was actually more fun watching the female costumers than anything else.